Polar bear with young walks along ice edge, Alaska
© Steven Kazlowski / naturepl.com
Barn owl hunting, UK
© John Waters / naturepl.com
Muddy African elephant male, Kenya
© Denis-Huot / naturepl.com
Great white egret splashing, Hungary
© Markus Varesvuo / naturepl.com
Yacare caiman gaping, with attendant hoverflies, Brazil
© Nick Garbutt / naturepl.com
Walrus underwater view, Svalbard
© Ole Jorgen Liodden / naturepl.com
Juvenile green turtle swimming, French Polynesia
© Jordi Chias / naturepl.com
Peacock tail anemone shrimp in anemone, Indonesia
© Constantinos Petrinos / naturepl.com
Gentoo penguin jumping onto beach, Falkland Islands
© Andy Rouse / naturepl.com
Great crested grebe mother with chicks, Netherlands
© David Pattyn / naturepl.com
Grizzly bear female with cub on back, Alaska
© Oliver Scholey / naturepl.com
Cyclists beside river at dawn, Laos
© David Noton / naturepl.com
Nyiragongo volcano lava lake, Democratic Republic of Congo
© Tom Gilks / naturepl.com
Inner city bee-attracting flowers, Bristol
© David Woodfall / naturepl.com
Bearded pig foraging at night, Borneo
© Alex Hyde / naturepl.com
Crowned crane with chicks, Tanzania
© Hermann Brehm / naturepl.com
Meadow buttercup and poet's daffodil, Italy
© Wild Wonders of Europe / Bartocha / naturepl.com
White waterlily in bog lake, Holland
© Willem Kolvoort / naturepl.com
Rhesus macaque group on dome, India
© Roland Seitre / naturepl.com
Creac'h Lighthouse at night, France
© Christophe Courteau / naturepl.com


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What's new

Young Eurasian beaver (Castor fiber) kit swimming at dusk, born in the wild on the River Otter, part of a release project managed by the Devon Wildlife Trust, Devon, England, UK, August 2015.

Rare images of Britain’s baby beavers

View our rare images of the beaver kits born in the wild on the River Otter in Devon this year. The beavers are part of the River Otter Beaver Trial, led by Devon Wildlife Trust, working in partnership with the University of Exeter, Clinton Devon Estates and the Derek Gow Consultancy. To find out more about the project, view our Devon Beaver gallery.

2020VISION open air exhibition, Millennium Square, Bristol, UK, July 2015.

2020VISION Bristol Exhibition

NPL is proud to sponsor 2020VISION’s travelling exhibition, now on display in Millennium Square in Bristol, with more than 100 stunning images illustrating the vital link between healthy ecosystems and healthy people.

Bengal Tiger (Panthera tigris tigris) female 'Noor T39' with cubs in water. Ranthambore National Park, India.

World Tiger Day

29th July is World Tiger Day, which aims to raise awareness about tigers and the vital need for their conservation. Check out our new tiger gallery, with lots of dramatic action and coverage on 5 of the 6 living tiger sub-species.

Blue shark (Prionace glauca) close up, Azores, Portugal.

New BBC series: Shark

The BBC are launching their first major wildlife series devoted to one of the most fascinating groups of fish in the sea – sharks. With coverage of over thirty different shark species they explore their hunting methods, their intricate social lives, courtship, growing up and the threats they face. Explore our shark gallery, including work by Chris Fallows who was an advisor on the series.

Mark Elliott, project manager of the Beaver project, and Julia Coats of the Animal and Plant Health agency releasing Eurasian beaver (Castor fiber) back to the River Otter. Part of escaped population re-released to the wild following veterinary check ups. Taken on the second day of Beaver releases after release of two adults and a young beaver on Monday 23rd March. Project managed by Devon Wildlife Trust, Devon, 24th March 2015. Model released.

Return of the Beaver

Beavers have officially made a return to England, after being hunted to extinction centuries ago. Nick Upton has documented the work of the Devon Wildlife Trust as they performed health checks and then released the group of European beavers back into the River Otter. Contact us if you want to see related video clips.

Ivory gull (Pagophila eburnea) behind Polar bear (Ursus maritimus), Svalbard, Norway, July.

Svalbard Exposed

Roy Mangersnes and Ole Jorgen Liodden have published a new book celebrating the unique landscapes and wildlife of Svalbard. Explore our Svalbard Exposed gallery, which includes many of the book images, to find out more…

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Great crested grebe adult with two young chicks on back.The Life Aquatic

David Pattyn has a special attraction towards photographing grebes. His rare and intimate images reveal their private world as they see it, at water level. View our gallery and download the pdf here.

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Great white egret splashingBest of April 2015!

Check out tigers in action, African wildlife, rare penguins, dramatic bird photography, wild Mongolian horses, and cute koalas, plus wildflower meadows, adventure travel and much more...

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Saguaro cactus (Carnegiea gigantea) with twisted arms at sunset, with Ajo Mountains in the background, Arizona, USA.Jack Dykinga

Pulitzer-Prize-winning photographer Jack Dykinga blends large-format landscape art photography with documentary photojournalism. Jack lives in Arizona and has a special interest in the desert landscapes and plants of the South West USA.

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Tales from Gombe cover imageTales from Gombe

Written by Anup Shah and Fiona Rogers and featuring their stunning photography, Tales of Gombe is an intimate look at the lives and personalities of the world-famous chimpanzees of Tanzania’s Gombe National Park. Find out more and view a gallery of the highlights here.