Toco toucan portrait
© Angelo Gandolfi / naturepl.com
Impala herd at sunset, Tanzania
© Juan Carlos Munoz / naturepl.com
Jungle crow with rainbow, Tibet
© Dong Lei / naturepl.com
Giant anteater with domestic cow, Brazil
© Angelo Gandolfi / naturepl.com
Domestic elephants with their keepers, Nepal
© Enrique Lopez-Tapia / naturepl.com
Howler monkeys calling, Netherlands
© Juan Carlos Munoz / naturepl.com
Harvest mice, UK
© Ann & Steve Toon / naturepl.com
Male club-winged manakin attracting mate, Ecuador
© Tim Laman / naturepl.com
Speckled wood butterfly, Finland
© Jussi Murtosaari / naturepl.com
Western gorilla skull with butterfly, Republic of Congo
© Jabruson / naturepl.com
Sword-billed hummingbird, Ecuador
© Guy Edwardes / naturepl.com
Lion-tailed macaque juveniles, India
© Anup Shah / naturepl.com
Common zebra herd crossing river, Kenya
© Anup Shah / naturepl.com
Apennine chamois male, Italy
© Bruno D'Amicis / naturepl.com
Clear ice pane, Lake Baikal
© Olga Kamenskaya / naturepl.com
Stoat in winter coat with fish, Norway
© Erlend Haarberg / naturepl.com
Grey seal 'waving', UK
© Andy Trowbridge / naturepl.com
Common dolphins, South Africa
© Chris & Monique Fallows / naturepl.com
Indo Pacific sailfish feeding on sardines, Mexico
© Chris & Monique Fallows / naturepl.com
European sturgeon, Romania
© Wild Wonders of Europe / Lundgren / naturepl.com

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A high magnification photo of a nudibranch (Nembrotha kubaryana), showing orange mouth parts and sensory rhinophores, and green gills (out of focus). Bitung, North Sulawesi, Indonesia. Lembeh Strait, Molucca Sea.

WPOY 2014 Winners Announced

Congratulations to NPL photographers Bence Mate, Tim Laman, Sam Hobson, Ingo Arndt, Jurgen Freund, Alex Mustard, Will Burrard-Lucas, Alex Badyaev, Bruno D’Amicis and Charlie Hamilton James on their success in the Wildlife Photography of the Year awards. You can see a gallery of all the winning images here.

Meltwater pouring off iceberg as chains of droplets. Scoresbysund Fiord, East Greenland, 2005.

UN Climate Summit in New York

The United Nations has invited world leaders to the Climate Summit 2014 at their New York headquarters on 23rd September, in an attempt to galvanize climate action. To find out more, check out our new Climate Change Gallery focusing on the key issues.

Giant manta rays (Manta birostris) feeding on plankton North Raja Ampat, West Papua, Indonesia, Pacific Ocean [size of single organism: 7 m] | Riesenmanta (Manta birostris) Raja Ampat, West Papua, Indonesien, Pazifischer Ozean

Explore the Oceans with Solvin Zankl

Solvin Zankl’s latest book Ozeane explores the mysteries of the oceans, from the depths to the surface and from the tropics to the poles.
View our new gallery of Solvin’s dramatic images from the book.

Photographer, Tim Laman, in the canopy of an emergent mahogany tree with canopy level view of the rainforest of the Gran Caldera Volcanica de Luba and surrounding walls of the caldera, Bioko Island, Equatorial Guinea, Rapid Assessment Visual Expedition, International League of Conservation Photographers, January 2008. Model released

Wildscreen Photography Festival 2014

Keynote speaker at the Wildscreen Photography Festival, to be held 24-26 October, is Tim Laman.
For more details or to buy tickets for this 3 day event, visit www.wildphotos.org.uk.
To explore Tim Laman’s amazing work on birds of paradise, view our feature gallery.

Blue sharks (Prionace glauca) cruise beneath the surface of the English Channel. Penzance, Cornwall, England, British Isles. North East Atlantic Ocean, August. Winner of the Coast and Marine category of the BWPA Competition 2014

British Wildlife Photography Awards 2014 Success

We’d like to congratulate NPL photographers Pete Cairns, Alex Mustard, Andrew Parkinson and Nick Upton, who were all winners in this year’s British Wildlife Photography Awards.
View their winning images here.

First sunset in Arctic since the spring, in Spitsbergen, Svalbard Archipelago, Norway, 23 August 2014.

End of the Arctic Summer

We’ve just received this lovely image by Christophe Courteau of the first sunset of the season in Svalbard, signalling the end of the perpetual daylight of the Arctic Summer.

Meerkat (Suricata suricatta) group of babies, Makgadikgadi Pans, Botswana.

Best of the last 3 months!

Check out our highlights gallery to view our edited selection of new images, including African wildlife, orcas and sharks in action, dramatic ibex, a newly discovered species, and really cute pets…

Honeybee (Apis mellifera) in flight amongst Rudbeckia flowers, UK

NPL helps to create Bee Worlds

Friends of the Earth’s Bee Worlds campaign is the latest conservation cause we are supporting. To find out more about the project, view our new bee gallery, which celebrates the beauty, diversity and industry of these remarkable insects.

Three banded armadillo {Tolypeutes tricinctus} in defensive ball. Captive, UK

Discover the Wild Side of Brazil!

While the world’s eyes are on Brazil, we share with you some beautiful images and fascinating facts about the country’s wild side. Check out our Brazil gallery to find out more about the fantastic fauna, flora and landscapes of the world’s fifth largest country.

Black howler monkeys (Alouatta caraya) male and two females calling from tree, captive, Apenheul Park, Netherlands.

3 Months of Highlights

Check out our highlights gallery of images uploaded to the site in the last 3 months, including butterflies in flight, cute giant pandas, big cat portraits, lion-tailed macaques, Brazilian wildlife and landscapes from Lake Baikal.