Walrus pair swimming underwater, Norway
© Franco Banfi / naturepl.com
Asian elephant mother and baby, India
© Tony Heald / naturepl.com
Common frogs mating, surrounded by spawn, UK
© David Tipling / naturepl.com
Crested newt silhouette, The Netherlands
© Edwin Giesbers / naturepl.com
Wild cat in snow, France
© Fabrice Cahez / naturepl.com
Misty lake with tree reflections, Estonia
© Sven Zacek / naturepl.com
Common woolly monkey reaching forward, Peru
© Cyril Ruoso / naturepl.com
Hippopotamus charging, Botswana
© Tony Heald / naturepl.com
Japanese macaque babies playing, Japan
© Yukihiro Fukuda / naturepl.com
Woman with baby looking at drying sisal fibres, Madagascar
© Cyril Ruoso / naturepl.com
Young fennec fox pup captured for tourists, Tunisia
© Bruno D'Amicis / naturepl.com
Camel caravan transporting salt, Ethiopia
© Eric Baccega / naturepl.com
Infliction of cuts for decorative scarring, Ethiopia
© Eric Baccega / naturepl.com
Budgerigar flock on desert trees, Australia
© Roland Seitre / naturepl.com
African buffalo low angle portrait, Botswana
© Tony Heald / naturepl.com
Japanese firefly light trails above stream at night, Japan
© Mark MacEwen / naturepl.com
House spider female in garden shed, UK
© Alex Hyde / naturepl.com
Deepsea octopus portrait, North Atlantic
© Solvin Zankl / naturepl.com
Great white egret with fish, Hungary
© Staffan Widstrand / naturepl.com
Brown hare pair in winter, France
© Fabrice Cahez / naturepl.com

What's new

Great white egret (Ardea alba) silhouetted at sunset, Lake Csaj, Pusztaszer, Hungary, February. Winner of the Portfolio category of the Terre Sauvage Nature Images Awards competition 2015.

Winning Photos

NPL photographers enjoyed great success in the world’s leading photography competitions during 2015. View our gallery of winning and commended images and select your own personal favourite!

Tolga Bat Hospital volunteer handling little red flying foxes.

Tolga Bat Hospital success

Jurgen Freund has won the IUCN award in the Nature Images/Terre Sauvage Awards with his portfolio on the Tolga Bat Hospital, which celebrates its 25th anniversary this year. The hospital currently cares for 350 bat orphans. Click here to see our feature with Jurgen’s portfolio images and here to find out more about the Tolga Bat Hospital.

KWS (Kenya Wildlife Service) vet trying to save young male African lion (Panthera leo) 'Alan' from the Marsh pride, poisoned after eating carcass poisoned by local cattle herders, and subsequently attacked by buffalo whilst weakened from poison. This lion eventually had to be euthanised. Marsh Pride, Masai Mara Game Reserve, Kenya, 9th December 2015.

Big Cat Diary Marsh lions poisoned

17 year old lioness Bibi, who featured in the popular Big Cat Diary series, and two other lions have been found poisoned in the Masai Mara, Kenya.
Two local Masai herders have been charged with poisoning the lions. View our lightbox of images.

Tisisat Falls / Blue Nile Falls along the Blue Nile, south of Bahir Dar, Lake Tana Biosphere Reserve, Ethiopia. December 2013.

Lake Tana declared Biosphere Reserve

3rd December 2015 marks the official opening of the new Lake Tana UNESCO Biosphere Reserve in Ethiopia.
Explore our gallery, featuring the work of Bruno D’Amicis, on the unique natural and cultural heritage of Lake Tana.

European badger (Meles meles) and message protesting against badger culling, Wiltshire, UK, September 2015. Taken by a remote camera trap.

UK badger cull extended to Dorset

The UK badger cull has recently been extended to Dorset, in spite of a lack of firm evidence of its effectiveness in reducing the incidence of bovine tuberculosis. To find out more about this issue, check out our gallery on UK Badgers and the Bovine TB Controversy.

Young Eurasian beaver (Castor fiber) kit swimming at dusk, born in the wild on the River Otter, part of a release project managed by the Devon Wildlife Trust, Devon, England, UK, August 2015.

Rare images of Britain’s baby beavers

View our rare images of the beaver kits born in the wild on the River Otter in Devon this year. The beavers are part of the River Otter Beaver Trial, led by Devon Wildlife Trust, working in partnership with the University of Exeter, Clinton Devon Estates and the Derek Gow Consultancy. To find out more about the project, view our Devon Beaver gallery.

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Featured Story

Ice fragment reflectionBaikal

Russian photographer Olga Kamenskaya has been visiting Lake Baikal for years, in search of the perfect photo of the world’s oldest, deepest and largest (by volume) body of freshwater.
View our gallery and download the pdf here.

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Flamingos preparing to sleepBest of January 2016!

Take a look at our gallery of latest images, featuring Alex Mustard’s underwater photography, colourful flamingos, and wildlife, pets and farm animals by Marie-Luce Hubert and Jean-Louis Klein.

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Photographers of the month

Red fox in snow, Norway.Erlend and Orsolya Haarberg

Erlend and Orsolya have worked as a photographic team for 10 years, specialising in the landscapes and wildlife of the Nordic countries. They have won many awards, published 3 books and had 3 features in National Geographic. View our new combined gallery to find out more….

Book of the month

Life and love of the sea cover imageWin a copy of The Life and Love of the Sea!

Written by Lewis Blackwell and published by Abrams, The Life and Love of the Sea is a breathtaking photographic tour of the oceans’ incredible diversity. Explore our gallery of NPL images used in the book and enter our competition to win a copy of the book.


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