Purebred Arab horse foal walking in meadow, France
© Klein & Hubert / naturepl.com
Two tabby and white kittens playing on a log, France
© Klein & Hubert / naturepl.com
Green lynx spider on yellow pitcher plant, USA
© Krista Schlyer / naturepl.com
Chlorophyte or green algae in pond water, UK
© Alex Hyde / naturepl.com
Wetland agricultural system at dawn. Mexico City
© Claudio Contreras / naturepl.com
Bonobo foraging in river, Congo
© Cyril Ruoso / naturepl.com
Surrogate mother holding orphan bonobo and her own baby, Congo
© Cyril Ruoso / naturepl.com
Cheetah cubs playing with their mother, Botswana
© Klein & Hubert / naturepl.com
Male ostrich running, Kenya
© Klein & Hubert / naturepl.com
Man feeding hyaenas at night in Harar City, Ethiopia
© Enrique Lopez-Tapia / naturepl.com
Arctic fox cubs playing, Norway
© Erlend Haarberg / naturepl.com
Brown hare adult female leaping away from male, UK
© Andy Parkinson / naturepl.com
Alpine marmots fighting, Austria
© Klein & Hubert / naturepl.com
Great grey owl in flight, Finland
© Ole Jorgen Liodden / naturepl.com
Red house surrounded by snow-covered trees, Norway
© Pal Hermansen / naturepl.com
Steller's sea eagle in flight, Japan
© Danny Green / naturepl.com
Fulmar in flight with wind turbines, UK
© Ernie Janes / naturepl.com
Galapagos penguin group underwater, Galapagos
© Ole Jorgen Liodden / naturepl.com
Pygmy blue whale, Sri Lanka
© Franco Banfi / naturepl.com
Willow tree reflected in the waters of lake, New Zealand
© PhotoNewZealand / naturepl.com


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What's new

European badger (Meles meles) and message protesting against badger culling, Wiltshire, UK, September 2015. Taken by a remote camera trap.

UK badger cull extended to Dorset

The UK badger cull has recently been extended to Dorset, in spite of a lack of firm evidence of its effectiveness in reducing the incidence of bovine tuberculosis. To find out more about this issue, check out our gallery on UK Badgers and the Bovine TB Controversy.

Young Eurasian beaver (Castor fiber) kit swimming at dusk, born in the wild on the River Otter, part of a release project managed by the Devon Wildlife Trust, Devon, England, UK, August 2015.

Rare images of Britain’s baby beavers

View our rare images of the beaver kits born in the wild on the River Otter in Devon this year. The beavers are part of the River Otter Beaver Trial, led by Devon Wildlife Trust, working in partnership with the University of Exeter, Clinton Devon Estates and the Derek Gow Consultancy. To find out more about the project, view our Devon Beaver gallery.

2020VISION open air exhibition, Millennium Square, Bristol, UK, July 2015.

2020VISION Bristol Exhibition

NPL is proud to sponsor 2020VISION’s travelling exhibition, now on display in Millennium Square in Bristol, with more than 100 stunning images illustrating the vital link between healthy ecosystems and healthy people.

Bengal Tiger (Panthera tigris tigris) female 'Noor T39' with cubs in water. Ranthambore National Park, India.

World Tiger Day

29th July is World Tiger Day, which aims to raise awareness about tigers and the vital need for their conservation. Check out our new tiger gallery, with lots of dramatic action and coverage on 5 of the 6 living tiger sub-species.

Blue shark (Prionace glauca) close up, Azores, Portugal.

New BBC series: Shark

The BBC are launching their first major wildlife series devoted to one of the most fascinating groups of fish in the sea – sharks. With coverage of over thirty different shark species they explore their hunting methods, their intricate social lives, courtship, growing up and the threats they face. Explore our shark gallery, including work by Chris Fallows who was an advisor on the series.

Mark Elliott, project manager of the Beaver project, and Julia Coats of the Animal and Plant Health agency releasing Eurasian beaver (Castor fiber) back to the River Otter. Part of escaped population re-released to the wild following veterinary check ups. Taken on the second day of Beaver releases after release of two adults and a young beaver on Monday 23rd March. Project managed by Devon Wildlife Trust, Devon, 24th March 2015. Model released.

Return of the Beaver

Beavers have officially made a return to England, after being hunted to extinction centuries ago. Nick Upton has documented the work of the Devon Wildlife Trust as they performed health checks and then released the group of European beavers back into the River Otter. Contact us if you want to see related video clips.

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Kaleidoscope portrait.Beauty in the Beast

Michael Kern photographs reptiles, amphibians and arachnids - but not as you know them. He deconstructs the images, then creates kaleidoscopic interpretations to try and turn peoples' fear into fascination. View our gallery and download the pdf here.

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Long beaked common dolphin porpoisingBest of September 2015!

Browse our highlights gallery with wild pumas, Scandinavian and Indian wildlife, new dolphins, great crested grebes in action, footage of salmon and rattlesnakes, and atmospheric landscapes.

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Juvenile male cheetah on bonnet of vehicle looking back under tail at photographer.Anup Shah

Internationally renowned for his books and magazine features, award-winning photographer Anup was born in Kenya and has worked in many regions of Africa and Asia, specialising in story-telling and animal behaviour. Much of his recent work focuses on primates, which are an abiding fascination.

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Nature's Last Paradises cover imageNature's Last Paradises

Published by DuMont Reiserverlag, this illustrated book takes us on a journey to the 35 Priority Places on earth where the diversity of plant and animal life is greatest. All images were supplied by Nature Picture Library. Find out more and view a gallery of the highlights here.