Orange-chinned parakeets, Costa Rica
© Bence Mate /
Piles of African elephant ivory set on fire, Kenya
© Jabruson /
Porth Nanven at sunset, Cornwall, UK
© Guy Edwardes /
Hawthorn berries in poplar woodland, Spain
© Andres M. Dominguez /
Stag beetle male on oak tree, Germany
© Solvin Zankl /
Wild European lynx, Switzerland
© Laurent Geslin /
Butterfly on head of Yacare caiman, Brazil
© Wim van den Heever /
Western lowland gorilla twin babies resting, Central Africa
© Edwin Giesbers /
European lynx kittens in den, Switzerland
© Laurent Geslin /
Young polar bear walking across melting sea ice, Canadian Arctic
© Brent Stephenson /
Aggregation of sperm whales, Indian Ocean
© Tony Wu /
Pebbles reflected in water surface, Lake Baikal, Russia
© Olga Kamenskaya /
Himba woman shopping at the supermarket, Namibia
© Eric Baccega /
Bacteria causing iridescent patterns in river, Spain
© Andres M. Dominguez /
Keeled garlic flowers, Slovenia
© Alex Hyde /
Leaf cutter ants carrying colourful plant matter, reflected in water, Costa Rica
© Bence Mate /
Humpback whale blowing bubble stream, Hawaii
© Doug Perrine /
European otter group, Hungary
© Bence Mate /
Young brown bear playing with oil drum, Far East Russia
© Igor Shpilenok /
Alpine ibex on mountainside, Italy
© David Pattyn /

What's new


SCOTLAND: The Big Picture Showreel

Check out our showreel from SCOTLAND: The Big Picture, a new multimedia project founded by Peter Cairns and Mark Hamblin, focusing on the benefits that rewilding and a nature-based economy can bring to the landscapes of Scotland.

Eurasian beaver (Castor fiber) entering the River Otter after release. Part of escaped population re-released to the wild following veterinary check ups. Taken on the second day of Beaver releases after release of two adults and a young beaver on Monday 23rd March. Project managed by  Devon Wildlife Trust, Devon, 24th March 2015.

“Support Devon Beavers” campaign

Devon Wildlife Trust have launched a crowd funding campaign (backed by Chris Packham) to support the newly established Devon beaver population, and ensure they can remain in the wild. You can see more at

An endangered young male Bornean Orangutan climbs over 30 meters up a tree deep in the rain forest of Gunung Palung National Park, West Kalimantan, Indonesia (Island of Borneo).

Tim Laman wins top award

Tim Laman won the main prize in the Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition 2016 with his striking orangutan image. For more details of this year’s winners, visit the competition website. Tim also won the Nature Stories award in the 2016 World Press Photo competition. To explore his extraordinary body of work, view our new expanded gallery .

Temminck's ground pangolin, Botswana

CITES conservation victories!

A recent global wildlife summit results in new protections for pangolins, thresher sharks, rosewood trees and more! Check out our gallery for more on the conservation victories of CITES CoP17.

Disgusting Animals cover

Meet us at Frankfurt Book Fair!

We will be exhibiting at Frankfurt Book Fair from 19-23 October on Stand 6.1 B95, with lots of great new book ideas to present.
If you’d like to know more or arrange a meeting, please email us.

Harvest mouse (Micromys minutus) clinging to a Common hogweed (Heracleum sphondylium) flowerhead with its feet and tail after release, Moulton, Northampton, UK, June.

Nick Upton wins award at BWPA

We are delighted to announce that Nick Upton has won the Documentary Series in the 2016 British Wildlife Photography Awards with his engaging series on monitoring harvest mice.

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Featured Story

Rescued serotine bat with injured wings having its recovery and ability to fly tested in a flight cage by Samantha PickeringBat Rescue

Award winning photographer Nick Upton is a behavioural zoologist by training and has been making wildlife films and taking stills for over 20 years. His latest story focusses on bat rescue and rehabilitation in Devon. View our gallery, where you can also download a full PDF story with text.

Latest Highlights

African elephants feeding on mineral soilBest of November 2016!

Check out our new November highlights gallery for great new images of blue whales underwater, African and Asian elephants, gorillas and giant pandas, deep sea creatures, extinct and mythical creatures, drone images of the British landscape, and much more…

Supporting Conservation

 By licensing images, you can help!

We support conservation by making a quarterly donation from our sales revenue to a charity or specific project which is making a difference. This quarter we are supporting North Devon Bat Care. We also offer discounted reproduction fees to conservation organisations. Visit our conservation page to find out more.

Photographer of the month

Aerial view of Belas KnapNick Turner

An environmental, wildlife and conservation photographer and cameraman based in the Cotswolds, Nick Turner specialises in recording the leisure and working activities of people in a rural landscape and has documented conservation issues worldwide. Nick has recently begun to use drone technology to extend his landscape work. View our new gallery.

Book of the month

Book cover imageThe Magic Moment

Due for publication in November 2016 by White Star Publishers, The Magic Moment originated from a concept developed by Nature Picture Library. It features a collection of those magic moments when all the elements came together to create a fantastic image, and reveals the fascinating stories behind the images. Explore our new gallery of book images.


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