Toco toucan portrait
© Angelo Gandolfi / naturepl.com
Impala herd at sunset, Tanzania
© Juan Carlos Munoz / naturepl.com
Jungle crow with rainbow, Tibet
© Dong Lei / naturepl.com
Giant anteater with domestic cow, Brazil
© Angelo Gandolfi / naturepl.com
Domestic elephants with their keepers, Nepal
© Enrique Lopez-Tapia / naturepl.com
Howler monkeys calling, Netherlands
© Juan Carlos Munoz / naturepl.com
Harvest mice, UK
© Ann & Steve Toon / naturepl.com
Male club-winged manakin attracting mate, Ecuador
© Tim Laman / naturepl.com
Speckled wood butterfly, Finland
© Jussi Murtosaari / naturepl.com
Western gorilla skull with butterfly, Republic of Congo
© Jabruson / naturepl.com
Sword-billed hummingbird, Ecuador
© Guy Edwardes / naturepl.com
Lion-tailed macaque juveniles, India
© Anup Shah / naturepl.com
Common zebra herd crossing river, Kenya
© Anup Shah / naturepl.com
Apennine chamois male, Italy
© Bruno D'Amicis / naturepl.com
Clear ice pane, Lake Baikal
© Olga Kamenskaya / naturepl.com
Stoat in winter coat with fish, Norway
© Erlend Haarberg / naturepl.com
Grey seal 'waving', UK
© Andy Trowbridge / naturepl.com
Common dolphins, South Africa
© Chris & Monique Fallows / naturepl.com
Indo Pacific sailfish feeding on sardines, Mexico
© Chris & Monique Fallows / naturepl.com
European sturgeon, Romania
© Wild Wonders of Europe / Lundgren / naturepl.com

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What's new

Mobile Education Unit in action

NaturePL Helps Elephant Conservation

Last quarter we donated more than £1800 to Save the Elephants which funded their Mobile Education Unit bringing film and interactive education to primary school children in the Samburu area of Kenya.

Arty view looking up at skyscrapers and trees in downtown Los Angeles, California, USA, July 2011

Celebrate Earth Day 2014!

April 22nd 2014 marks the 44th anniversary of Earth Day. Millions of people around the world will take part in activities to raise awareness about the environment. This year the focus is on Green Cities. To find out more, visit www.earthday.org and to view our Earth Day gallery, click here!

Apennine chamois (Rupicapra pyrenaica ornata) adult male approaching female during the rut season. Endemic to the Apennine mountains. Abruzzo, Italy, November.

World’s most beautiful chamois saved from extinction

Italian wildlife photographer Bruno d’Amicis has spent ten years following and photographing the endangered Apennine chamois. Once on the verge of extinction its numbers have increased due to increased protection. Click here to view a selection of images of this animal through the seasons.

Bioluminescent fungi (Omphalotus nidiformis / Pleurotus nidiformis) glowing on tree trunk in rainforest at night, Atherton Tablelands, Queensland, Australia,

Jürgen Freund Asia Pacific Exhibition Opens

Jürgen Freund has just opened a solo exhibition of his stunning images of the reefs and rainforests of the Asia Pacific region, as part of the 5th Queensland Festival of Photography. To view a gallery of Jürgen’s images and for more details of the exhibition, click here.

Badger (Meles meles) in garden, taken at night with infra red remote camera trap, Mayenne, Pays de Loire, France, August.

Turn off the lights and watch the wildlife!

To highlight Earth Hour 2014, we’ve put together a gallery of Eric Médard’s images of European wildlife at night, taken using infra-red techniques.

Guildford town centre, flooded by River Wey at night, during Christmas flooding 2013. Surrey, England, UK, 25th December 2013.

The Winter of Storms and Floods

Our photographers braved the weather to capture great images of the storms and floods that afflicted the UK and France in the winter of 2013-2014. Take a look at our dramatic pictures from the Somerset Levels, Severn and Thames valleys, plus Sussex, Norfolk and Brittany coasts.

Green sea turtle (Chelonia mydas) being cleaned by yellow tangs (Zebrasoma flavescens) at a cleaning station where the turtles are groomed by the fish in a mutualistic, symbiotic relationship, Puako, Kona, Hawaii, USA, November

Celebrate the first World Wildlife Day!

3rd March 2014 has been designated by the UN as the first World Wildlife Day. Explore our new gallery of the amazingly diverse wildlife and plants with which we are privileged to share the planet.

Osprey (Pandion haliaetus) at surface of a loch after diving for a fish, Cairngorms National Park, Scotland, UK, July.

New Cairngorms ebook by Peter Cairns

Peter Cairns has published a new ebook showcasing some of his favourite images of Britain’s wildest National Park. View our gallery of highlights and find out how to order a copy.

Reticulated Glass Frog (Hyalinobatrachium valerioi) male guarding egg clutch on leaf, Costa Rica.

Latest and greatest images!

We’ve added some fantastic new images to the site over the last 2 months, including dramatic sharks, European lynx and wolves, sifakas leaping, beautiful British landscapes, Californian condors, colourful marine life and Costa Rican frogs and turtles. Explore our chosen highlights here

Valentine's Day competition winners

Valentine’s Day competition winners

Congratulations to our Valentine’s Day caption competition winners! We loved them so much we thought we’d share them with you!