*December 2017
12 Dec 2017 12:00 am
151 files
A fascinating variety of new imagery was added to our site this month. Highlights include a variety of African wildlife, the newly discovered Tapanuli orangutan, an interesting range of primate behaviour, swift conservation, European butterflies, saffron cultivation, mountain pine beetle damage, graphic autumn leaves and a range of pets and farm animals.
April 2017
21 Apr 2017 12:00 am
192 files
We've had a big influx of more than 4800 new images on the site in the last month, including a great variety of European, African and North American wildlife bird portraits and action shots, invertebrate coverage from new contributor Lorraine Bennery and a dizzying array of graphic landscape and florals, amongst them the spectacular recent blooming of the Californian deserts.
August 2017
30 Aug 2017 12:00 am
117 files
Highlights of the last month include worldwide wildlife by new contributor Sylvain Cordier, dramatic landscapes by David Noton, Jack Dykinga and Mark Taylor, European mammals and birds from Hermann Brehm, great red squirrel coverage from SCOTLAND: The Big Picture, rare Sumatran primates and the first UK images of humpback whale underwater.
Competition Winners
9 Jan 2018 12:00 am
145 files
NPL photographers enjoyed great success in the major nature photography competitions of 2017. Erlend Haarberg was joint winner of the GDT Nature Photographer of the Year, Pål Hermansen won the grand prize in the Terre Sauvage/IUCN Nature Images Awards, and Tony Wu won top prize in the Mammal Behaviour section of the Wildlife Photographer of the Year, while Ben Hall, Ross Hoddinott, Andrew Parkinson and Alex Hyde were all category winners in the British Wildlife Photography Awards, Theo Bosboom won two categories of the GDT competition, and Sven Zacek, David Pattyn and Nayan Khanolkar were all section winners in the Nature Images Awards. This gallery includes winners, runners-up and highly commended images and portfolios.
February 2017
9 Feb 2017 12:00 am
143 files
In the last month, more than 2000 new images have been added to the site. Significant highlights include wildlife and landscapes from SCOTLAND:The Big Picture, Laurent Geslin's original urban wildlife material, Roland Seitre's coverage on Australia's wild budgerigars, dramatic sharks from Richard Robinson, varied new bird material from around the globe and classic landscapes from Jack Dykinga and Floris Van Breugel.
January 2017
16 Jan 2017 12:00 am
128 files
Nearly 2000 new images have been uploaded in the last month, with a great variety of subjects, from all corners of the globe. HIghlights include Sam Hobson's urban wildlife and gannet rescue images, Cyril Ruoso's primate and South American coverage, birds in action from Loic Poidevin, dramatic whales by Tony Wu, Australian bats and insects from Jurgen Freund, Terry Whittaker's UK mammal behaviour, and rare underwater material from Lake Baikal, plus fresh photography from Bence Mate and marine specialist Billy Black, and an interesting feature on collecting eider down.
July 2017
27 Jul 2017 12:00 am
104 files
During the last month, we've uploaded a great range of animal, plant and landscape coverage from many parts of the globe. Highlights include marine material from David Fleetham, Linda Pitkin and Franco Banfi, dramatic images from Svalbard by Ole Jorgen Liodden, new landscapes from David Noton, wild red pandas, and images from Mozambique and Namibia by new contributor Jen Guyton, featuring endearing meerkats and the weird Welwitschia mirabilis, one of the world's oldest and most primitive plants.
June 2017
9 Jun 2017 12:00 am
177 files
Our photographers have provided lots of strong new material over the last month - marvellous meerkats, strong coverage on urban leopards in Mumbai, otters in Singapore and peregrines in Chicago, misbehaving monkeys, cute sea otters, weird shoebill storks, and perfect pigs. Not to mention Lake Baikal underwater, the Chernobyl exclusion zone, the endemic flora and fauna of the Seychelles and the lost cities of Iraq!
March 2017
28 Mar 2017 12:00 am
160 files
Highlights uploaded in the last month include Claudio Contreras's dramatic images of American crocodiles underwater, great new bird coverage from David Tipling and Markus Varesvuo, whales and walruses from Mark Carwardine and Tony Wu, birds of paradise from Nick Garbutt, high speed insects and bats in flight from John Abbott and Pal Hermansen's landscape art, plus urban foxes and badgers in our home city of Bristol.
May 2017
16 May 2017 12:00 am
116 files
Highlights added in the last month include Jordi Chias' Atlantic and Mediterranean whales and dolphins, hedgehog and pet behaviour from Klein-Hubert, misbehaving baboons from Cyril Ruoso, illustrations of extinct species by Julian Hume, Bolivian material from Bernard Castelein, Indian subjects from Yashpal Rathore and Canadian images from new contributor Connor Stefanison.
November 2017
21 Nov 2017 12:00 am
136 files
Highlights added in the last month include wild Bengal tigers, new images of France's baby giant panda, hedgehogs through the seasons, a range of rare penguin species, beautiful insect close-ups and scenics from Scotland, Scandinavia and Japan.
October 2017
24 Oct 2017 12:00 am
137 files
Much of the material added to our site in the last month comes from UNESCO World Natural Heritage Sites, from all corners of the world. Other outstanding additions include mute swans underwater, honeybee behaviour, big cats in action, endangered primates, spectacular wildflowers from California, and some bizarre Australian wildlife.
September 2017
27 Sep 2017 12:00 am
120 files
In the last month we've added some great new content to our site, including exclusive images of France’s first giant panda baby, elusive and endangered wildlife from Madagascar and Central America by Nick Garbutt and Nick Hawkins, dramatic whales and sharks from Alex Mustard and Tony Wu, cute European hamsters and some bold additions to our new premium RF collection.
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