*May 2019
203 files
The last month was a bumper one for new material on our website, with more than 4000 images added. Some of the many highlights were a wealth of European wildlife, especially red foxes and wild wolves, big cats from around the world (including dramatic pumas hunting), whale and dolphin behaviour, gorillas and hippos, hummingbirds in flight, the Californian super-bloom and some great urban wildlife images.~You can see more on our blog here.
April 2019
205 files
The last month has seen a bumper crop of new images on our site. Some of the many highlights include whales, dolphins and porpoises from British waters and Baja California, rare images of platypus, shark courtship and nurseries, Galapagos seabirds, Spring migrant birds and wildflowers, Cuban crocodiles and Tsavo's amazing tuskers, not to mention some dramatic coverage of catfish hunting pigeons and some very appealing emperor penguins!
February 2019
161 files
A wealth of great wildlife and landscape material has been added to our site in the last month. Highlights include lots of fresh material from South America, Jack Dykinga's North American landscapes, Guy Edwardes' European scenics, plus Mexican material from Claudio Contreras, Nayan Khanolkar's remote camera tigers and an interesting range of content from our US partner Minden Pictures (available only to UK clients).
January 2019
119 files
Highlights added to the site in the last month include rock-climbing macaques by Anup Shah and Fiona Rogers, marine life from Japan by Tony Wu, jackals and birds from the Danube Delta by Loic Poidevin, African wildlife in action, damselflies in flight and ballooning spiders, a range of charismatic pet portraits from Mark Taylor, and Georgette Douwma's inventive kaleidoscopic marine material.
March 2019
171 files
The last month has seen a dramatic influx of new material, with a particular emphasis on marine life, reptiles, birds and invertebrates. Additions of note include sharks from David Fleetham, Galapagos giant tortoises and marine iguanas from Tui de Roy, Alex Hyde's material from the remote Manu National Park in Peru, Bruno D'Amicis coverage on the ancient beechwoods of Abruzzo, David Tipling's bird behaviour images and more amazing marine creatures from Alex Mustard.~~To read our March highlights blog post, click here, and to view our new March highlights gallery on the print site, click here.
Minden Feb-May 2019
203 files
Over the last 4 months, we have added more than 4000 images from the Minden Pictures collection to our site. This is a selection of some of the edited highlights. Some of the main subjects included are Ingo Arndt's dramatic images of pumas and guanaco from Chile, Chase Dekker's endearing set on red fox cubs with different colour forms, and Suzi Eszterhas's detailed coverage on animal rescue. You will also find rich material on rainforest wildlife from Thomas Marent, Piotr Naskrecki's graphic insects and other invertebrates, Tim Fitzharris's beautiful North American landscapes, and a wealth of North American, African and Australian willdife.~~PLEASE NOTE THAT MINDEN PICTURES MATERIAL IS ONLY AVAILABLE TO OUR UK CLIENTS.
New Discoveries
68 files
Our photographers are always looking for exciting new discoveries in the natural world. Here are some highlights of new discoveries recently received - a new species of tarantula, the world's largest bee, scuba-diving flies, tuna-herding sealions, the first professional photos of an African black panther, a strange partnership between a tiny frog and a huge spider, and new images of the recently identified new species Tapanuli orangutan.
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