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OXFORD Pete - Wildlife
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A biologist by training, Pete Oxford has spent a lifetime travelling the world as a wildlife photographer and photojournalist with his wife Rene� Bish, a designer and writer. Based in Ecuador since 1985, he has a vast collection of pictures, which have appeared in magazines including National Geographic, Geo, International Wildlife and BBC Wildlife and have been use by a wide range of publishers and conservation organisations. His coverage includes all continents and many endangered and seldom photographed animals. See also his travel gallery.
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French photographers Catherine Jouan and Jeanne Rius have worked together under a joint credit since 1985. They have travelled the world undertaking long-term photography projects in Australia, southern Africa, Central America and Madagascar as well as in some of Europe's wilder places. They aim to record in intimate detail the diversity of the places they work in - wild animals, plants and landscapes in all their variety, and are as interested in the small things as well as the more iconic species. Their work has taken them to tropical rainforests, deserts, mountains, savannas and remote islands. They hope that by revealing the beauty and rich diversity of nature they will encourage their conservation.
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Owen Newman has been making wildlife documentaries for more than twenty years and won many awards for his cinematography. He also has a keen interest in photography and has captured stills of many of his moving subjects. In recent years, Owen has specialised in documenting the lives of many species that have never been filmed in the wild before including unique ground shots of the breeding colony of lesser flamingos that nest on the inhospitable soda mud of Lake Natron in Tanzania. Owen is also well-known for his intimate and engaging portraits of animals such as aardvark, serval and red kangaroos that are often only glimpsed at a distance in the wild. He and his partner, producer Amanda Barrett, particulary enjoy working in Africa.
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David Noton has been travelling ever since he was born, living as a child in the UK, California and Canada. After serving in the merchant navy for four years and experimenting with jobs as a motor cycle courier, window cleaner and gardener, Noton returned to college to study photography. He has since earned a reputation as one of the UK's leading landscape and travel photographers and has won numerous international awards.
~Noton's aptitude for capturing the effects of light across the land at dawn and dusk are showcased in his book Waiting for the Light, published by David & Charles. Since 2012 he has published his monthly f11 Photography Magazine featuring images spanning the globe to inspire and inform.
OXFORD Pete - Travel
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A lifelong traveller, Pete Oxford has documented a wide range of people, traditions and landscapes and has a huge collection of images. With an eye for character and distinctiveness, and a designer's feel for composition and colour, his portraits of people are particularly memorable and have been used by a wide range of publishers. Based in Ecuador since 1985, he travels the world with his wife Rene� Bish, a designer and writer. His pictures and features have appeared in magazines from National Geographic and Geo to Smithsonian, and his books include Ecuador, Galapagos: Untamed Isles and Amazon Images.
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An award-winning wildlife photographer based in Derbyshire, Andrew Parkinson has a passion for travel and has ventured to six continents. Recently, though, he has worked almost exclusively with UK subjects. His work appears frequently in magazines such as BBC Wildlife, as well as in countless books and other publications, and in the last two years alone, his images have been published in more than 30 countries. His TV appearances include a memorable item on BBC's Countryfile in which he attempted to teach comedian Jo Brand how to take wildlife photographs.
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Belgian photographer David Pattyn lives in the Netherlands and is passionate about wildlife photography. He likes to photograph particular subjects over a long period of time, getting to know his subjects intimately in order to get better results. He focuses mainly on birds, mammals and landscapes but has a particular attraction to water birds.

~David tries to combine his passion for photography with his family and his profession as an anaesthesiologist and likes to travel with his wife and their sons to watch and admire wildlife around the world.

~David has won numerous awards in international photo competitions including GDT European Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition, Natures Best, AFPAN , Asferico and Glanzlichter.~

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Nature Picture Library are proud to represent DOUG PERRINE, overall winner of the Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition 2004.
Based on the island of Hawaii, he has travelled widely working as a writer and photographer for the past 20 years. He has written and illustrated several books and his photos have been published worldwide. Doug covers his subjects in depth capturing extraordinary behaviour as well as stunning portraits, and hopes that his work will encourage conservation of the species that are increasingly threatened by man's acitivities.
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Todd Pusser started his career working as a biologist for various environmental agencies in North America before concentrating on photography. For the past 10 years Todd has focused his camera on marine mammals, in particular rarely photographed whales and dolphins and has been able to document their unique behaviour. He spends up to 6 months a year working around the globe with marine mammals, as a contract biologist, tour leader, and photographer. When not in the field, he resides in North Carolina where~he is currently working on a book project about the biodiversity of his home state.
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Inaki Relanzon was interested in nature from an early age, inspired by the Spanish naturalist Felix Rodriguez de la Fuente, and took up photography at the age of 12. His first book was on cave photography, illustrated with pictures of European caves taken using his own flashlight system.

~~He has travelled widely, but his favourite locations for photography are Iceland and Madagascar. He has returned to Madagascar many times to work alongside scientists and conservation groups, and his photographs of Iceland can be seen in his book Iceland, reflections at dawn.

~~Inaki has been successful in the Wildlife Photographer of the Year (UK) and the Best Picture of the Year (Spain) competitions, and his photos have been widely published.
~~He is a member of the ILCP (International League for Conservation Photographers) and has documented the Canary Islands for the Wild Wonders of Europe project.
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Tracey Rich trained as a zoologist and then took up photography and writing. Based in the UK, she has photographed British wildlife close to her home in Wiltshire and has also travelled widely from Poles to rainforests and plains to deserts. Tracey likes to share her amazing experiences with others through her images, and hopes that they will inspire viewers to appreciate the natural world and foster concern to conserve it.
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I am a full time British wildlife photographer who travels with my wildlife photographer husband to Africa and Asia photographing primates in the wild. ~I am interested in portraiture in general - I love looking at portraits created by David Bailey and Avedon and the like - and this has hopefully given me a broad base from which to come to grips with finding my own style in my photography of primates. Each primate to me is a character with a distinct personality. As such I want to treat them as if they were a person being photographed in a studio, the objective being to bring out the essence of each individual. This approach is radically different from the way wildlife photography is traditionally presented. I try to break away from a documentary style, to something that makes a viewer think and feel when looking at my work. I would like to think that the subjects have been given a voice through the pictures. I also like to work towards a long term project. For instance, my husband and I committed ourselves to photographing the world famous Gombe Chimpanzees over a number of years. To this end, while I take great care over each individual picture, I try for a series of pictures. The depth reflected by such an approach has been rewarded by full length articles and portfolios published in BBC Wildlife Magazine, Geo, Smithsonian Magazine, National Wildlife Magazine, and most recently, National Geographic Magazine. The culmination of our Gombe Chimpanzee project has resulted in our book called Tales from Gombe.
ROGGO Michel
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On an expedition to Alaska, Swiss photographer Michel Roggo caught his first glimpse of migrating salmon and resolved to return each year until he had captured good photographs of them underwater. After several failed attempts, Roggo perfected his technique for shooting underwater without having to dive. The advantage of this, says Roggo, is that "fish are not really concerned about a housing on the river bed and it allows me to capture their natural behaviour"
~Using the technique he developed for salmon, Roggo began photographing other freshwater subjects, and has since become an award-winning leader in his field. In recent years, Michel has extended his underwater photography by snorkelling and diving. His latest initiative is the ambitious Freshwater Project, which aimed to document the importance of freshwater ecosystems worldwide, visiting 40 locations on all continents. A book and touring exhibition have resulted showcasing this unique body of work.
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With over three decades of documentary, wildlife, and marine photojournalistic experience, award-winning photographer Jeff Rotman has secured his title as one of the top underwater photographers in the world. He has witnessed the changing underwater landscape over the course of his career, and what started as a passion for photographing abstract expressions of marine life soon developed into a detailed exploration and discovery of the human fingerprint on the environment, bringing awareness of this issue to countless magazines, newspapers, and photojournalism sources all over the globe. Jeff is a past winner of the Underwater World category in the BBC Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition and a two-time winner of the annual National Press Photographers Award for Science Pictures. Jeff has published nineteen photographic books for both children and adults, and his photographs have appeared in thousands of international news sources, school textbooks, and advertisements.
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Andy Rouse is one of Britain's most successful and high profile wildlife and nature photographers. He has won many photographic awards and his work is currently on display in several bespoke UK exhibitions.
~Andy is equally at home shooting British garden birds, penguins in the Antarctic, or polar bears in the Svalbard wilderness. This is a showcase of his recent work in the UK, plus highlights from polar regions and other extremely cold locations.
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Jose B. Ruiz is one of Spain's leading nature photographers and has documented a very wide range of subjects in his home country. Not only has he captured all types of animals from snails to lynx but he has also documented underwater life in the Mediterranean, the landscapes and plants of Spain's national parks, historical sites and festivals and the effects of tourism and development along the coast. Fascinated by wildlife since~childhood, he has also worked as cameraman for television documentaries about wildlife, and is author and photographer of twelve books about photography and the wildlife of Spain. He has won awards in several international competitions, including the Innovation Award in Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2003 for an image of storks at night which is included in this gallery.
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Cyril Ruoso is based in France but has travelled extensively worldwide to research and photograph in-depth stories about nature and wildlife. He has focused particularly on primates, amphibians and rainforest subjects. He has published a number of books, several of them on primates, and is widely published in leading nature magazines. He has been successful 5 times in the Wildlife Photographer of the Year Competition.
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Bob Rozinski and Wendy Shattil have been working together since 1981 concentrating mainly on photographing animals and issues close to their home in Colorado, USA. They are recognized as leaders in environmental photography, and have worked extensively on endangered species and critical wildlife areas; they are members of the International League of Conservation Photographers (ILCP). Wendy was the first woman to win overall prize in the Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition for a portrait of an urban fox cub, part of a study that culminated in a book City Foxes. They have provided photos for eleven other books, most recently Born Wild in Colorado and Valley of the Dunes. They are Grand Prize winners in the Texas Valley Land Fund $100,000 photo contest and First Prize winners in the Nature's Best magazine international photography competition.
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