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A lifelong naturalist, Andy Sands has been photographing wildlife for more than 25 years. His passion is British wildlife, and he particularly enjoys photographing birds in song and the small mammals that we seldom see. In recent years he has focussed extensively on coverage of insects and other invertebrates, documenting their lifecycles and behaviour. Being an experienced field naturalist has enabled him to take intimate portraits of wild animals in natural surroundings.
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Phil Savoie is a field biologist, filmmaker and photographer with a passion for capturing animal behaviour. He started his career as a picture editor in New York before shooting for National Geographic and producing nature programming at Discovery. Headhunted as a staff producer/director/cameraman by the BBC Natural History Unit Phil has worked on numerous projects from award winning self-authored films to large global series for over 11 years. His photography has been widely published and his motion camerawork can be seen across BBC output including Planet Earth, Life of Mammals, Congo, Life in the Undergrowth, Deep Jungle and Wild Africa. Phil has EMMY and BAFTA nods as well as being recognized by the British Wildlife Photographer of the Year awards. Now freelance, Phil lives in Wales and when he’s not on the road you’ll find him in the lush green valleys chasing bees, swallows and the Milky Way.
SHAH, Anup
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Son of Indian parents, Anup was born in Kenya, East Africa. A favourite activity while growing up there was visiting the nearby Nairobi National Park where he spent many hours watching wild animals roaming in their natural environment. This experience became the foundation for a career in wildlife photography. After higher education in England and several university degrees, he returned to Kenya and developed his interest in wildlife photography. He is now internationally well known for his books and magazine stories and through winning awards.
~Books include A Tigers Tale, Meres et Petits, The Circle of Life: Wildlife on the African Savannah, Savane, The African Odyssey: 365 Days, The Great Rift Valley of East Africa and Serengeti Spy. His latest book Tales from Gombe, a detailed insight into the lives of the chimpanzees of Gombe National Park in Tanzania, was published in October 2014.
~Anup also features in The Masters of Nature Photography: Wildlife Photographer of the Year and was included in Horzu magazine’s Top 5 Wildlife Photographers of the World feature in 2010.
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Cameraman and photographer David Shale began his career as a deep sea oceanographer with the Institute of Oceanographic Sciences, before going on to work on many landmark BBC series. But it wasn't until he worked on Blue Planet, for which he accepted a BAFTA award, that he began to think about photographing deep sea animals. Accompanying scientific expeditions to some of the remotest parts of the ocean, Shale uses special tanks and the latest technologies to photograph a host of eccentric life forms as they are brought to the surface. In this way, he has sometimes helped to document species completely new to science. Photographing deep sea animals is extremely challenging, notes Shale. Maintaining the correct conditions for his subjects means working for up to eight hours in a very cold room on a rolling ship in the dark! David's images have been widely published in exhibitions, scientific journals, magazines and books, including the Firefly Books title Creatures of the Deep by Erich Hoyt.
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"Kamchatka won't let go", says photographer Igor Shpilenok, who recently returned from photographing Steller's sea eagles on the southern tip of the peninsula. From his igloo, Shpilenok was able to observe and photograph the hundreds of birds that gather there each winter to gorge on salmon
~Steller's sea eagles are found only along a narrow coastal strip around the Sea of Okhotsk and the Kamchatka Peninsula and are threatened by poaching, increased human presence, pollution, lead poisoning, overfishing, and oil development. "Maybe with my photographs," Shpilenok hopes, "I can show people the magnificence of this enormous bird and evoke in them the desire to preserve it for future generations."
~Shpilenok travels across Russia, documenting its relatively unknown system of protected areas and particularly enjoys working in Kamchatka, a region best known for its high density of volcanoes and associated volcanic phenomena. As well as the eagles, it boasts an abundance of brown bears and the world's greatest diversity of salmon.
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Based in Norfolk, Gary Smith specialises in documenting the iconic landscapes of East Anglia and its typical fauna and flora. He also focuses on agriculture and horticulture, including detailed coverage of seasonal activities in the garden, allotment and small-holding.
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Lynn Stone is an experienced photographer and author who can turn his lens to any subject. He has photographed much of the wildlife of his native~North America as well as pets, and farm animals, often to illustrate the~books he has written.
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Nature Picture Library are proud to represent the work of Kim Taylor. Kim has specialised in photographing tricky subjects that most wildlife photographers find too challenging: he has pioneered techniques to photograph bats flying at night, frogs jumping into ponds, dragonflies and bees in flight not to mention subjects almost invisible to the human eye such as cat fleas and diatoms. Here is a small selection of some of his superb insect action photos.
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Mark's childhood growing up in Kenya was similar to that of Gerald Durrell as described in My Family and Other Animals. His parents, Jane Burton and Kim Taylor, were both animal enthusiasts and photographers, which gave him him a good start in the field of nature photography. Mark now concentrates on photographing cute animals, both wild and domestic, often combining different species together, on white backgrounds. His work is frequently used for calendars and greetings cards around the world and often adorns the covers of magazines, including the National Geographic. Mark supplies most of the front cover images for Your Cat and Your Dog magazine.
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Robert Thompson’s interest in natural history began during his childhood explorations of a large parkland estate where he grew up. He is a professional freelance natural history photographer and author with a number of well-known publications to his credit on natural history and nature photography. He has also been a major contributor to many other natural history publications in Britain and Europe. He is widely acknowledged as a specialist in close-up and macro photography and was awarded a Direct Fellowship by the Royal Photographic Society for his work in the field of macro photography. He also sits on the Royal Photographic Society's Natural History Advisory Panel for their distinctions and is also a Fellow of the Irish Photographic Federation.~~As an active conservationist, he has worked on a number of high-profile natural history recording projects in Ireland for the Northern Ireland Environment Agency, National Parks and Wildlife Service in the Republic of Ireland and television. He has a particular interest in dragonflies, butterflies and moths. His work is widely published in the UK, Ireland and internationally. He is a frequent writer and contributor to the photographic press and other natural history publications and has had several solo exhibitions of his work including the aerial landscape collection from the highly acclaimed 'Natural History of Ulster'. His work has also been featured in Nikon Pro magazine and has worked with Nikon UK.~You can order prints of Robert's images here.
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Norfolk-based photographer David Tipling has worked as a freelance wildlife photographer since 1992. Passionate about birds and bird photography, David has been author or commissioned photographer for more than 40 books on birds and wildlife photography. Two of his main fascinations are the birds of the southern oceans and the cultural links between people and birds.
~Here we showcase a cross-section of his most dramatic bird images from all corners of the globe.
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An environmental, wildlife and conservation photographer and cameraman based in the Cotswolds, Nick Turner has a particular interest in photographing the nature reserves, habitats and landscapes of the region. He also specialises in recording the leisure and working activities of people in a rural landscape and has documented conservation issues worldwide. Nick has recently begun to use drone technology to extend his landscape work as well as continuing to work as a filmmaker for NGOs worldwide. His most recent project is the book The Cotswolds Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, published with the support of the Cotswolds Conservation Board.
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Nick Upton has been fascinated by nature of all kinds since he was very young and began photographing it as a teenager. He trained as a biologist and then worked at Oxford University before making many wildlife films for the BBC, other major broadcasters and the RSPB, and has concentrated on shooting wildlife stills and video clips in recent years. He photographs a wide variety of subjects and specializes in documenting wildlife conservation (such as mammal, amphibian, eel and swift conservation and the reintroduction of cranes and beavers to the UK), combining shots of wildlife and animal/people interactions. He’s much published in major books and newspapers, his work has illustrated many features in BBC Wildlife magazine and has appeared in National Geographic magazine. Among other awards, he has twice won the Documentary Series category of the British Wildlife Photography Awards.
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Floris van Breugel strives to capture the peace and quiet that can only be found in true wilderness, and uses photography as a way of exploring the natural world. His favourite images entice the viewer to ask questions, and become inspired to learn about our fascinating world. His images have appeared in the Wildlife Photographer of the Year Competition 6 times, and have been published in magazines including Living Bird, Terra, National Geographic Traveller, and Alaska. When not out photographing, Floris can be found in the lab working towards understanding how the brains of flies process visual and other sensory information to guide their behaviour. This scientific mindset has had a strong influence on his photography, and he is keenly interested in discovering and sharing interesting phenomenon through unique and curiosity-inspiring imagery.
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Markus Varesvuo turned lifelong birding into full-time professional wildilfe photography in 2004, a year after being named the International Wildbird Photographer of the Year in the UK. His award-winning bird images feature in magazines over the world, and he has published several books and held numerous exhibitions, both in his native Finland and internationally. Northern winter with its special light and weather conditions is his favourite season for photography. He focuses on the birds of Europe; one lifetime is not enough to cover all the birds of the world as extensively as he’d like to. Markus is a Canon Explorer.
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Carol Walker specialises in images of horses, and her latest portfolio includes lots of action images of wild horses and many different horse breeds.
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Before becoming a freelance author and wildlife photographer, Dave Watts~worked as a conservation officer, national parks ranger and forest officer~specialising in wildlife management. A longing to travel led him to~Tasmania where he lived for 20 years before returning to Europe where he~and his Australian born wife divide their time between the Welsh border area~and the French Pyrenees.
~While living in Tasmania Dave became the first person ever to photograph the~Orange-bellied Parrot (possibly Australia's rarest bird) at its nest in the~wild in the South West Wilderness. Dave is author of more than 12 books~including the best selling ^Tasmanian Mammals, a Field Guide^ and ^Field~Guide to Tasmanian Birds^.
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After a career flying with the US navy DOC WHITE started a charter dive operation and began to pursue his interest in photographing marine mammals. He has won numerous awards for his photographs including Natures Best in 2001 and has published a book ^Saving Sea Otters^. He has recently outfitted an old fishing boat for a major expedition to study and photograph the marine ammals of the west coast of North America.
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Staffan Widstrand is a multiple-award-winning professional photographer, based in Sweden. Author of 18 books in 9 languages, National Geographic Explorer and a Nikon Ambassador, he has led or been involved in leading, several long-term media and conservation communication projects, including Wild Wonders of Europe, Wild Wonders of China, Wild Wonders of Taiwan, Rewilding Europe, the Swedish Ecotourism Association and Scandinavian Big Five. Staffan is a partner in photo travel agency Wild Nature Photo Adventures and a frequent judge in leading international photo competitions, including “World Press Photo” and “Wildlife Photographer of the Year”. He was called one of the world's “Most influential nature photographers” by Outdoor Photography magazine (UK).
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Wild Wonders of China is a Chinese and international initiative designed to showcase the amazing natural treasures of China to the world. A team of Chinese and international photographers are working on a long term project to document China's key habitats and regions and to photograph its rich, varied and animal and plant life, including many species found nowhere else.~~Prints of available images can be found here.
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Alan Williams has always been a keen birdwatcher and when he had the opportunity to take early retirement he decided to take up wildlife photography full time. He travelled to many parts of the world to see and photograph wildlife but over the years realised that to make progress he needed to specialise. Today he devotes almost all of his time to British wildlife and more specifically birds and mammals. Because wildlife photography in the UK is more difficult, not least because of the weather, he finds he gets greater satisfactions when he achieves good images.
~All his photos on this website were taken in the UK.
WU Tony
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Tony Wu is an underwater photographer and writer who in his own words describes himself as " the chimaera that results when you merge equal parts nature/ marine biology geek, visual art lover, technophile, hopeless dreamer, vagabond, and photography nut." In recent years, Tony has devoted the bulk of his time to the challenging pursuit of photographing large cetaceans such as sperm whales, humpbacks and blue whales, as well as documenting fish spawning aggregations. His newest obsession is exploring the rich marine environments of Japan. ~~Tony has received a number of prestigious awards, including Grand Prize in Japan's largest underwater photography contest, the prize for Best Book of the Year at the Festival of Marine Images in Antibes, and first place in the Under Water category of the London Natural History Museum's annual Wildlife Photographer of the Year contest in 2010 and 2016, as well as in the Behaviour: Mammals category in 2017.
ZANKL Solvin
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Solvin Zankl has worked as a photographer since completing his masters in marine biology, undertaking wildlife photographic assignments all over the world. His growing fascination for the element water led him to expand his work throughout different coastal environments. Since 1998 Solvin Zankl has been working as a professional photographer, specialized in producing wildlife stories in different parts of the world. He always tries to catch the behaviour and the typical character of his subject from his personal view. Solvin is noted for getting a fresh new look on small or widely unnoticed animals. His work has contributed to many conservation campaigns, for example the protection of the Golden Lion Tamarin. His work has been internationally published in magazines including GEO, National Geographic Magazine, Natural History Magazine and BBC Wildlife, and he received the German Award for Science Photography and the Fritz Polking Award. He has published a number of books, the latest being Wildnis Eiche about the Oak tree as a microcosm of life and Ozeane, dealing with ocean life in all latitudes and depths, both published by Frederking and Thaler.
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