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Ammonite is an independent film production company making high quality, high definition films about science and natural history. Formed in 1994 by Emmy award winning filmmaker Martin Dohrn, Ammonite strives to develop new ways to see the world including highly specialised and innovative equipment such as image intensified night vision cameras and motion control systems.
Dietmar Nil
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Dietmar Nil has always been interested in nature. He bought his first camera when 15 years old and soon he was concentrating on capturing the behaviour of birds of prey and mammals. Twenty years later he turned his lens on bats, documenting all European species and getting images of previously unphotographed species. ~In 2008 he took on a new challenge and bought a film camera to film bats. He found a producer and the film was broadcast on German TV channel WDR in 2012, winning several industury prizes.~~His most recent films for television were about the Peregrine falcon and the Snowy owl.
Frederique Olivier
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Frederique (Fred) Olivier has a background in environmental management and tropical marine ecology and has worked for 15 years in Antarctica and the Sub Antarctic. Her research focused on monitoring human impacts on the natural world from tropical reefs to polar shores. Fred has worked as a science diver, photographer, expedition guide, voyage manager, commercial skipper, camera person and media producer. She enjoys team work and the challenges of being autonomous in remote conditions. She supported several high profile BBC series such as "Planet Earth" and "South Pacific" after which she spent 3 years living on a yacht in remote Solomon Islands. In February 2013, Fred returned from a second overwintering year-long trip in Antarctica filming Emperor Penguins for BBC series "Penguins: Spy in the Huddle". This program supported ongoing research on the use of robots for scientific wildlife studies, which was continued in 2014 with a film shoot on Adelie penguins for a new BBC programme. Combining her science background with media experience, Fred's goal is to contribute imagery to support nature and wildlife conservation.
Gavin Hellier
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Jabruson Motion
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Professional film-maker and photographer Jabruson (Bruce Davidson) has worked in more than 50 protected areas in Africa over a 35-year period and has been involved in the making of 22 films which have won him 15 international awards for cinematography and film-making. The Congo Basin is the niche that he continues to explore.
~He has provided multi-media imagery to publishers, broadcasters (ITV, BBC, National Geographic, CBS, Canal Plus and NHK), numerous African government departments and major conservation organizations including WWF, FFI (Fauna & Flora International), ARCUS Foundation and AWF (African Wildlife Foundation).
~Behavioural film footage of Western, Mountain and Graueri gorillas, African forest elephants, African forest buffalo, Sitatunga and Bongo antelope are just some of the central African animal species depicted in the following films and similar footage is now available for licensing through Nature Picture Library: Gorilla: Fatal Attraction - Odzala National Park, Republic of Congo; Odzala – Islands in the Forest - Odzala National Park, Republic of Congo; Mountain Gorilla – Pushing the Boundaries for Conservation - Rwanda, Uganda and Democratic Republic of Congo; Mountain Gorilla Conservation: Working for a Common Future - Rwanda, Uganda and Democratic Republic of Congo; Mountain Gorilla: A Shattered Kingdom - Democratic Republic of Congo; Making of A Shattered Kingdom - Democratic Republic of Congo.
John & Mary-Lou Aitchison
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John and Mary-Lou Aitchison have been filming wildlife for twenty years, especially in Scotland where they live. They have made a number of programmes for the Natural World series and worked on many other major BBC series. Hebrides - Islands on the Edge was awarded Best Series at Wildscreen 2014 (John produced one of the programmes and filmed for 240 days on this series). Yellowstone - Winter and Frozen Planet won team BAFTAs for Cinematography. The Frozen Planet photography team also won an Emmy, a Wildscreen panda and cinematography awards from the RTS and the Jackson Hole Wildlife Film Festival.
Konrad Wothe
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Michael Pitts
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Nick Upton
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Nick Upton shot his first video clips for his PhD research before working for more than 20 years with many top cinematographers to make wildlife TV programmes. He was Series Researcher on Sir David Attenborough's Trials of Life Series at the BBC, then produced and directed many award winning films through independent companies for the BBC and major broadcasters worldwide. He began shooting again more regularly while working for the RSPB Film Unit. He now shoots video footage using DSLR cameras, usually linked to a microphone and high grade video recorder, principally covering a wide range of bird, macro and mammalian subjects. He also uses infra red sensitive equipment to capture the behaviour of nocturnal wildlife.
Steve Downer
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Sue Daly
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Sue Daly is an award-winning underwater photographer and film-maker and a freelance writer based on the British Channel Island of Sark. As well as filming and presenting her own films she has worked for production companies around the world including the BBC Natural History Unit and her still images have featured in various books on British marine life, in magazines and on sets of stamps in Jersey, Guernsey and Alderney. Although Sue's work takes her to the far corners of the world, the beautiful and surprisingly colourful marine life around the British Isles remains her main passion.
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