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Bees play an extremely important role in the pollination of plant species worldwide - including many commercial crops such as fruits, vegetables, cocoa, cotton and coffee. And the health benefits of honey have been recognised by man for more than 5000 years. Nature Picture Library is supporting Friends of the Earth's Bee Worlds campaign, which helps community groups create their own bee-friendly habitats called 'Bee Worlds'. In 2012 Friends of the Earth launched The Bee Cause to help save Britains bees and, together with a diverse range of partners, called on the UK Government to act by adopting a comprehensive Bee Action Plan. So far a range of organisations, such as schools, colleges, hospitals and youth groups have helped create or plan over 150 Bee World sites. For more information
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Dragonflies & Damselflies
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Fireflies are actually beetles of the family Lampyridae. Widespread in temperate and tropical regions, they emit bioluminescence at dusk and at night. Each species has a distinctive flash pattern, which appears to be used for a variety of reasons, including attracting a mate. The larvae tend to use shorter bursts of light, primarily to signal their distastefulness to potential predators.
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