Long-eared jerboa, Mongolia
© Valeriy Maleev / naturepl.com
Male banded demoiselle, Cornwall
© Ross Hoddinott / naturepl.com
Pine grosbeak male, Finland
© Markus Varesvuo / naturepl.com
Three Bengal tiger cubs running, India
© Andy Rouse / naturepl.com
Rainbow over water flowing out of the Karahnjukar dam, Iceland
© Ashley Cooper / naturepl.com
Tehachapi Pass wind farm, California
© Ashley Cooper / naturepl.com
Callanish standing stones, Isle of Lewis
© Guy Edwardes / naturepl.com
Point-to-point horse racing, Wales
© Phil Savoie / naturepl.com
Mexican free-tailed bats emerge from cave, USA
© Karine Aigner / naturepl.com
Suwanee freshwater turtle swimming beneath trees, USA
© Alex Mustard / naturepl.com
Garibaldi and giant kelp forest, Mexico
© Claudio Contreras / naturepl.com
Leopard crossing road in front of vehicle, India
© Axel Gomille / naturepl.com
Great pied hornbill in flight, China
© Staffan Widstrand / Wild Wonders of China / naturepl.com
Mountain gorilla reaches for camera, Africa
© Eric Baccega / naturepl.com
California sea lion playing with cushion star, Mexico
© Alex Mustard / naturepl.com
Blue shark, Canada
© Nick Hawkins / naturepl.com
Blue sea slug approaching Portuguese man of war, South Africa
© Tony Wu / naturepl.com
Asian sheepshead wrasse males fighting over territory, Japan
© Tony Wu / naturepl.com
Moonrise at twilight, Siberia
© Sergey Gorshkov / naturepl.com
Freshwater crab living in Roman ruins, Italy
© Emanuele Biggi / naturepl.com

What's new

Young White rhinoceros (Ceratotherium simum)  in a reinforced steel boma, blindfolded and partially drugged after a long journey from South Africa, before being released into the wild in Botswana. September 2017. Winner of the Environment Singles category in the 2018 World Press Photo contest. Highly commended in the GDT European Wildlife Photographer of the Year Award 2017. Highly Commended in the Natural World Category of the Sony Photography Awards 2018. Gold Winner of the Nature Category, and Third place in the Press category of the Paris Photography Prize 2018. Runner up in the Science & Natural History category Picture of the Year International (POYI)  2018. Winner of the Environmental Picture Story Category of the NPPA Best in Photojournalism contest.

Celebrating the winning images of 2018

Our photographers had great success in the major photographic competitions of 2018. Check out our gallery of the winning and commended images.

Golden eagle (Aquila chrysaetos) juvenile flying, Norway November

Nature Picture Library launches new print site

NPL now has a new print site selling a variety of attractive print products, including framed art prints. In addition to the images displayed in our print galleries, many other photos from the main NPL site are also available to purchase for print use. Just email us to find out more.

Alex Mustard MBE

Congratulations to Alex Mustard on his MBE!

We are proud to announce that Alex Mustard has been awarded the MBE for services to underwater photography in the 2018 Queen’s Birthday Honours List.
Explore our new expanded gallery of Alex’s amazing work…

Common swift (Apus apus) screaming as they fly in formation over cottage roofs at dusk, Lacock, Wiltshire, UK, June 2018.

Swift Awareness Week starts 16th June

The UK’s first Swift Awareness Week starts on Saturday 16th June, aiming to focus attention on this iconic bird of summer skies, its declining numbers and conservation needs. To find out more, view our Helping Swifts gallery.


NPL at Footage Marketplace

We will be at Footage Marketplace in London on Wednesday 13th June. There is still time to register if you’d like to meet us there and find out more about our growing footage collection. We’ve compiled a showreel of our most popular clips, to give you a taster of video from NPL!

Cape pangolin or Ground pangolin (Smutsia temminckii)  looking for ants at night, Kalahari, South Africa

Pangolins under threat

Pangolins are now the world’s most trafficked mammal – all 8 species are either threatened or endangered. View our new gallery of pangolin stills and clips to find out more.

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Featured Story

Metallic leaf beetleNature's Jewels

The word iridescence conjures images of shiny jewellery, glittering seas, or sparkling diamonds. But it’s also a term that belongs in the animal kingdom. Creatures as diverse as insects, reptiles, birds and fish employ iridescence in a variety of ways. Download our full story PDF, including text, here.

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Underwater kaleidoscopeBest of January 2019

Explore our latest highlights gallery here, including rock-climbing macaques, jackals from the Danube Delta, ballooning spiders, African wildlife, charismatic pets and amazing kaleidoscopic images.

Supporting Conservation

TuskerBy licensing images, you can help!

We support conservation by making a quarterly donation from our sales revenue to a charity or specific project which is making a difference. This quarter we are supporting Tsavo Trust. We also offer discounted reproduction fees to conservation organisations. Visit our conservation page to find out more.

Photographer of the month

Wolverine, RussiaSergey Gorshkov

Sergey Gorshkov specialises in photographing the unique wildlife and wilderness areas of his native Russia, but has also worked extensively in Africa. View his new gallery here.

Book of the month

Book cover imageEmperor: The Perfect Penguin

Sue Flood’s new book Emperor: the Perfect Penguin contains a wealth of bold images of this charismatic bird in its challenging Antarctic environment. View our book gallery here. You can also buy prints of images from the book here.


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