Long-eared jerboa, Mongolia
© Valeriy Maleev / naturepl.com
Male banded demoiselle, Cornwall
© Ross Hoddinott / naturepl.com
Pine grosbeak male, Finland
© Markus Varesvuo / naturepl.com
Three Bengal tiger cubs running, India
© Andy Rouse / naturepl.com
Rainbow over water flowing out of the Karahnjukar dam, Iceland
© Ashley Cooper / naturepl.com
Tehachapi Pass wind farm, California
© Ashley Cooper / naturepl.com
Callanish standing stones, Isle of Lewis
© Guy Edwardes / naturepl.com
Point-to-point horse racing, Wales
© Phil Savoie / naturepl.com
Mexican free-tailed bats emerge from cave, USA
© Karine Aigner / naturepl.com
Suwanee freshwater turtle swimming beneath trees, USA
© Alex Mustard / naturepl.com
Garibaldi and giant kelp forest, Mexico
© Claudio Contreras / naturepl.com
Leopard crossing road in front of vehicle, India
© Axel Gomille / naturepl.com
Great pied hornbill in flight, China
© Staffan Widstrand / Wild Wonders of China / naturepl.com
Mountain gorilla reaches for camera, Africa
© Eric Baccega / naturepl.com
California sea lion playing with cushion star, Mexico
© Alex Mustard / naturepl.com
Blue shark, Canada
© Nick Hawkins / naturepl.com
Blue sea slug approaching Portuguese man of war, South Africa
© Tony Wu / naturepl.com
Asian sheepshead wrasse males fighting over territory, Japan
© Tony Wu / naturepl.com
Moonrise at twilight, Siberia
© Sergey Gorshkov / naturepl.com
Freshwater crab living in Roman ruins, Italy
© Emanuele Biggi / naturepl.com

What's new

Alex Mustard MBE

Congratulations to Alex Mustard on his MBE!

We are proud to announce that Alex Mustard has been awarded the MBE for services to underwater photography in the 2018 Queen’s Birthday Honours List.
Explore our new expanded gallery of Alex’s amazing work…


Thank you from WildShots Outreach

One of the students who benefited from our sponsorship of WildShots Outreach was delighted to see his photos used in the leading German magazine GEOlino recently.

Child gathering marine pollution from beach, Troms, Norway, May 2017. Winner of the Threatened Nature category of the Nordic Nature Photo Contest (NNPC) 2018.

Earth Day April 22nd 2018

The theme of this year’s Earth Day is ending plastic pollution. Click here to find out more about Earth Day events. You can also view our new expanded Earth Day gallery of environmental issues and our latest feature story The Plastic Problem.

Eastern chimpanzee (Pan troglodytes schweinfurtheii) alpha male 'Ferdinand' aged 20 years, females Nuru' aged 22 years and 'Nasa' aged 24 years calling. Gombe National Park, Tanzania. June 2012.

Meet Nature Picture Library at Fotofringe

We will be at Fotofringe in London on Tuesday April 17th. Don’t miss the picture buying event of the year! Register now to attend at www.fotofringelondon.com and if you would like to fix a time to talk with us, just send us an email.

Canada lynx (Lynx canadensis) walking through a mountain meadow, Manning Provincial Park, British Columbia, Canada. 

New Canada lynx images

We are excited to have just received new images from Connor Stefanison which show the elusive Canada lynx in the wild.

'World’s Loneliest Tree' a Sitka spruce (Picea sitchensis) which is over 200km from nearest tree (Auckland Islands) Campbell Island New Zealand Sub-Antarctic Islands UNESCO World Heritage Site, March 2014. Recently this tree has been discovered to record the start of the Anthropocene geological era. Scientists have discovered jump in radioactive traces in rings dating to 1965, due to increased nuclear bomb testing in the 1950-1960s.

World’s loneliest tree records new geological era

Scientists from UCL and University of New South Wales have dated the start of the current Anthropocene era to 1965 through carbon dating a single remote Sitka spruce found on Campbell Island in the Southern Ocean. Find out more.

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Featured Story

Group of meerkat babiesMeet the Meerkats!

British photographer Will Burrard-Lucas travelled to the Makgadikgadi Pans region of Botswana to photograph some of the most charismatic (and cutest) creatures in Africa – meerkats! Download our full story PDF, including text, here.

Latest Highlights

Red-ruffed lemurBest of December 2018

Our latest highlights gallery includes jaguars hunting, endangered ruffed lemurs, Tibetan macaques and Chinese gibbons in action, Californian condors in the wild, rare endemic Caribbean palm trees, and lots of appealing pets and farm animals.

Supporting Conservation

Urban gardenBy licensing images, you can help!

We support conservation by making a quarterly donation from our sales revenue to a charity or specific project which is making a difference. This quarter we are supporting Bristol Schools Nature Reserve. We also offer discounted reproduction fees to conservation organisations. Visit our conservation page to find out more.

Photographer of the month

Ocelot, Costa RicaNick Hawkins

Nick Hawkins is a Canadian photographer and photojournalist specialising in natural history, science and conservation related issues. His work has a strong focus on forest and marine ecosystems in North, Central and South America. View his new gallery here.

Book of the month

Book cover imageWild India

Wild India by Axel Gomille, published by Papadakis, explores the landscapes and wildlife of India, focusing on the country’s biodiversity and endemic animals, including the Bengal tiger, sloth bear, nilgai and Asiatic wild ass. View our gallery of bookplate images here.


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