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26 Nov 2014 12:00 am
43 files
Sometimes it's good to look at things differently. Our abstracts collection shows a hidden marine world of colours, patterns and textures, celebrating beauty in the smaller details.
26 Nov 2014 05:29 pm
35 files
Bluegreen photographers have explored the coasts, towns and bays of the Caribbean to portray the vivid colours and moods of this beautiful region.
26 Nov 2014 05:29 pm
42 files
As well as extensive coverage of maritime events, Bluegreen holds an impressive collection of conceptual images, ideal for communicating existing ideas and inspiring new ones.
26 Nov 2014 05:29 pm
24 files
From lofting to planing, the Bluegreen collection covers a range of construction methods for boats big and small.
Creative Techniques
26 Nov 2014 12:00 am
27 files
Marine imagery and creativity go hand-in-hand, and our photographers are at the forefront.
26 Nov 2014 05:29 pm
28 files
Big adventures on a small scale: from the Olympics to a relaxing family sail, our colourful dinghy collection has something for everyone.
26 Nov 2014 05:29 pm
49 files
From tsunamis and road collapse to over-fishing and pollution; from wind farms to global warming, Bluegreen's environmental collection is global in coverage and broad in scope.
26 Nov 2014 05:29 pm
36 files
Fixtures & Fittings
26 Nov 2014 05:29 pm
14 files
From the tiniest cleat to the billowing spinnaker, our fixtures and fittings collection sheds new light on those all important boat parts.
Heavy Seas
26 Nov 2014 05:29 pm
41 files
Bluegreen's heavy seas collection features dramatic coastal scenes and heavy-weather sailing aboard a range of vessels, from trawlers to windsurfers, all over the world.
Life Aboard
26 Nov 2014 05:29 pm
13 files
Mending, stowing, washing and cooking: our photographers have got in amongst the action on a variety of boats, weather conditions and situations to bring us the real life afloat.
26 Nov 2014 05:29 pm
29 files
We hold a wealth of lifestyle and travel images with full property and model releases. Whether your needs are editorial or commercial in nature, we're always happy to help you find the image that fits your brief.
26 Nov 2014 05:29 pm
20 files
26 Nov 2014 05:29 pm
33 files
No need for sails or motors- an oar and some determination are all you need for Bluegreen's manpower collection.
Maritime Personalities
26 Nov 2014 05:29 pm
7 files
Our photographers have been capturing the famous faces of sailing and water-sports for the past sixty years. This gallery showcases some of the major names.
26 Nov 2014 05:29 pm
34 files
White washed villages, secluded coves and megayachts: Bluegreen photographers have travelled from Tunisia to Saint Tropez to bring you the best of the Med.
26 Nov 2014 05:29 pm
18 files
Whether capsizing, broaching, colliding, dismasting, a blow-out or man-overboard, Bluegreen photographers have been there to capture the action.
26 Nov 2014 05:29 pm
19 files
Powerboats, luxury cruisers, zapcats and sportsfishers all feature in Bluegreen's large and varied motorboat collection.
26 Nov 2014 05:29 pm
28 files
From ancient hulks to tankers recently run aground, Bluegreen photographers have searched oceans and coasts all over the world to capture shipwrecks in varying states of disrepair.
26 Nov 2014 05:29 pm
24 files
Sample the lifestyle of the rich and famous with our collection of luxurious superyachts. From motoryachts to megayachts, our photographers have savoured the high-life around the world.
Tall Ships
26 Nov 2014 05:29 pm
21 files
They're classy, they're stylish and they're big. There's nothing like a tall ship, especially when viewed from every angle.
Tropical Destinations
26 Nov 2014 05:29 pm
40 files
Bluegreen's contributors have travelled the world to bring us striking images of some of the most exotic and desirable travel destinations. The islands of Polynesia, the coral atolls of the Indian Ocean and the jewels of the Caribbean all shine in their varied portfolios.
26 Nov 2014 05:29 pm
47 files
Storms, driving rain, dense fog, snow and ice, lightning strikes, brilliant sunshine - we cover them all, on land, sea and coast, and from tropical, temperate and polar regions.
West Country Wonders
26 Nov 2014 05:29 pm
60 files
Bluegreen Pictures and Nature Picture Library offer some of the best imagery from the coastlines and landscapes of the beautiful South West of England. We have great coverage on the countryside, coastal scenes, outdoor activities and wildlife of this popular holiday region.
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