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Animal Couples
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This month we're celebrating love in the animal kingdom, whether between pairs, siblings or friends. Sometimes the feelings we place onto these animals are our own, however there is no doubt that real bonds of affection can also exist between animals. We've put together a gallery of some our favourite images of pairs of animals showing closeness, friendship and love in wildlife.
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Here we showcase recent winter images, which may be suitable for Christmas cards and promotions. They include aurora borealis from Norway and Alaska, the frozen wonderland of Lake Baikal in Siberia, emperor penguins breeding in the Antarctic winter and a wealth of European and North American wildlife and wintery landscapes.
Close Up
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A selection of our macro photography, showing animals and plants in close-up.
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We've compiled a gallery of animal images, which make us, our photographers and clients laugh. Some animals look comical, some animals do funny things, and others have amusing expressions.
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Snow & Ice 2018
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Snow and Ice
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In spite of chilly temperatures, Spring in the northern hemisphere officially starts on 20th March, so we have prepared a new gallery of Spring images.
~Birds are singing to attract mates and some species such as mistle thrushes and rooks are already actively nesting, woodland flowers bloom early to take advantage of the light available before the canopy closes, and insects are starting to emerge from hibernation, including early butterflies such as brimstones and orange-tips and various species of bumblebee, which feed on the pollen of early flowers such as willow catkins. Meanwhile frogs and toads return to breeding ponds to spawn, brown hares are active as males pursue females who fend them off by engaging in ^boxing matches^, and wild boar piglets are born. Spring migrant birds start to arrive in Europe from Africa, with sand martins, wheatears, chiffchaffs and willow warblers in the vanguard.
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