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- Photographers
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Nature Picture Library represents more than 500 leading photographers and videographers, specialising in nature, wildlife and environmental photography worldwide. To view portfolios by selected photographers, click on the image links below. You can see the latest photographer news and recent book publications on our blog. You can also download our submission guidelines and wants list from the links below, if you are a photographer interested in making a submission.~~Wants List~Submission Guidelines
- Stories
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Nature Picture Library represents many photographers dedicated to documenting stories from the natural world. We work with them to create original feature packages on a range of subjects to suit both specialist and general interest magazines. Here we present a selection of recent stories, many of them including text and a downloadable pdf, designed with magazine features in mind. For more information on any story or our features service generally, please contact Tim Aldred.
- Video
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We represent a growing number of cameramen and women and video photographers. Here you can browse the work of a variety of our contributors and enjoy galleries of footage on a range of popular and unusual subjects, or click here to view our latest promotional video.
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Nature Picture Library is proud to be a sponsor of 2020VISION, the most ambitious photography-based conservation initiative ever staged in the UK. 2020VISION aims to establish in the public mind the crucial link between people's well being and a wilder UK, and to show that healthy ecosystems are not optional, but fundamental to us all. Twenty of Britain's best nature photographers were commissioned to work on 20 flagship projects illustrating the 10 major habitat types in the UK.
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We have in-depth coverage of the animal world, from mammals and birds to invertebrates and tiny microscopic creatures. Here you can browse galleries on a range of animal families focusing on a variety of popular and charismatic species. Let us know if you’d like to see galleries on any animal species we haven’t already covered!
Bluegreen Pictures
4 groups 80 galleries
The Bluegreen Pictures collection is devoted to the marine and maritime world, featuring images by specialist photographers covering all aspects of the sea, including classic and modern boats, seascapes and coastal scenes, underwater wildlife, watersports, diving, fishing, lifestyle images, and travel destinations.
3 groups 108 galleries
3 groups 69 galleries
Our images illustrate, in original and creative ways, many concepts and themes used in both promotional and editorial projects. Browse our galleries devoted to concepts as diverse as purity, intelligence, power and partnership.
Environment & Conservation
4 groups 82 galleries
We have extensive coverage on the environment and environmental issues, ranging from climate change to pollution and deforestation to sustainability. If you don’t find a gallery on any required environmental subject, please contact us for more information or to request a picture selection.
Freshwater Project
6 groups 26 galleries
Since the mid-1980s, Michel Roggo has been photographing springs, streams, rivers and lakes all over the world. In 2010 he launched the ambitious Freshwater Project, aiming to take photographs of all types of aquatic environments in order to focus attention on freshwater ecosystems, which are under threat but vital to our planet. The project is accompanied by a book AQUA and a touring exhibition. This gallery section explores this ground-breaking project region by region and also contains a highlights portfolio.
Habitats & Hotspots
2 groups 45 galleries
Meet Your Neighbours
4 groups 14 galleries
Founded in 2009, Meet Your Neighbours is a worldwide photographic initiative created by Niall Benvie and Clay Bolt. The project is dedicated to reconnecting people with the wildlife on their own doorsteps and enriching their lives in the process. Meet Your Neighbours images have an instantly recognisable look. Each subject is photographed on location in a field studio. A brilliantly-lit white background removes the context, encouraging appreciation of the subject as an individual rather than a species. Here we present a range of galleries showing the geographic and subject range of Meet Your Neighbours.
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Our photographers cover all the main cat and dog breeds, including images of puppies, kittens, pet care and behaviour, as well as rabbits, rodents and more unusual pets. We also cover farm animals and have extensive galleries on horses, cattle and other livestock.
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We cover all aspects of the world’s flora, from wildflowers and trees to ferns, mosses and fungi, as well as all the major habitats. Explore our galleries dedicated to a variety of plant groups and habitats, employing a wide range of photographic techniques.
Royalty Free
2 groups 6 galleries
Our new premium RF collection contains strong conceptual images and dramatic behavioural photography, plus moody landscapes, macro photography, marine life, environmental images and much more.
SCOTLAND: The Big Picture
3 groups 8 galleries
SCOTLAND: The Big Picture is a small team of photographers and film-makers working in Scotland to produce high-impact visual communications, which fuse ecological science with inspiring storytelling. The project aims to make the case for a wilder Scotland, with a specific focus on the restoration of native woodland and natural processes. Nature Picture Library is proud to be exclusive photo agency for the project.
What to look for - Nature's calendar
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4 groups 12 galleries
Month by month, our What to Look For galleries reveal the changing seasons in the British countryside and highlight the most dramatic and characteristic wildlife and plants to be seen throughout the year in all regions of the United Kingdom.
Wild Destinations
11 groups 75 galleries
Explore our galleries dedicated to key destinations worldwide for wild nature, including key wilderness areas on every continent.
Wild Wonders of Europe
5 groups 153 galleries
Through the power of great photography, Wild Wonders of Europe reveals the most spectacular, extraordinary and endangered wildlife, plants and habitats of Europe. Sixty eight of Europe's finest nature photographers spent 14 months undertaking the world's biggest nature photography project ever. Travelling to 48 European countries, they have documented the biodiversity of this crowded continent and revealed its hidden treasures. The Wild Wonders of Europe project is ongoing, now covering areas of Europe designated for Rewilding. To view a pdf version of our Wild Wonders brochure click here, or contact Tim Harris to request a printed copy. For further information about the project, visit
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