African Savanna
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British Urban Wildlife
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Deep Sea
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The depths of the oceans remain one of the few remaining parts of the world which are largely unexplored and which hold new and undiscovered life forms. David Shale and Solvin Zankl have joined expeditions to photograph deep sea creatures at a variety of depths in the Atlantic and Indian Oceans and the Barents Sea. Using specialised equipment and techniques, they have captured unique images of many species of bizarre deep sea fish and invertebrates, including a number new to science. These species show special adaptations to life at depths where no light penetrates, including many examples of bioluminescence.

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International Urban Wildlife
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Mountains provide most of the world's freshwater, harbour a rich variety of plants and animals, and are home to approximately one in ten people. This gallery celebrates the variety of life; human, animal and plant, that thrives in the mountains and the beauty and importance of this habitat.
Summer Seashore
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Here we celebrate not only the fauna and flora of the summer seashore and intertidal zone, but also its varied landscapes, light and recreational opportunities.
Tropical Rainforest
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