How to order images and download hi-res files

  1. Sign in (you need to have registered to do this).
  2. Find the image/s from the search results page, lightbox or gallery. You can search by caption, keyword, photographer or image number.
  3. Click on the shopping basket icon below each image you wish to order. You can come back to the order at a later point if you wish.
  4. When you've added all the images you want to your order, click on "order" at the top right of screen. (The red number after order shows how many images you've put into your order).
  5. Enter usage details in the drop down menus and free text boxes. Compulsory fields are marked with *. If you are ordering lots of images for the same project, you can enter the details for the first image then copy the same details to all otherimages in your order - click the "Copy details to all files" link below the first image.
  6. Read the terms and conditions from the link at the bottom of the order page, and click the check box to accept them. Click Next to proceed with your order, or Save to come back to it later.
  7. If you have immediate download permissions, you can now choose a file download size, then click the Download file button to access the file(s). Images can be downloaded individually, or all at once as a zip file (in high resolution or low resolution) from the top of the page.

If your order needs to be authorised, you will receive an email from us (usually within an hour) authorising download. You then need to go to Order History and click on the relevant job number, before clicking the download link. If your website session has timed out before you receive our approval, you will need to log back in first.

How to search

The quick search box is present at the top of the screen from all areas of the site. You can enter single or multiple search terms here, and also use the dropdown filter to search by one or more collections. More advanced search options are available if you click on the images/lightboxes link on the left of the main menu bar, and select the search results option. You can use a whole range of search filters here, for example by collection, date added, format, licence type or medium. You can also do a more advanced Boolean and/or/not search, in which case you enter the preferred options and click the go button below. Apart from Boolean searches, you just enter the search filters required in the advanced search window and then click the “apply below filters” button. If you wish to return to your original search, you can click the “reset filters” link, before choosing different filters.

How to find and use lightboxes

To access your lightboxes, you must first click on the images/lightboxes link on the top left of the main menu bar, and then the lightbox option appears on the right of the menu bar next to your order and account details. When you click this, the lightbox window opens and you will find a dropdown list at the top left of the screen. Lightboxes can also be accessed by clicking on the lightbox link at the foot of the screen when you are in search mode. This will open your most recent lightbox, and others can be accessed by clicking on lightbox tools.

If you need any assistance at all in navigating or using the site, feel free to email us or call on +44 (0)117 911 4675.

Prospective photographers

Nature Picture Library is not actively seeking to recruit new photographers at the moment (2019). When we do take on new photographers, we only take on content of the highest quality, which fills gaps in our existing collection – for instance new locations, species or behaviour. We’re particularly interested in images that tell a story and in-depth coverage on a subject. For more information, please see our blog post here.