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Orangutan (Pongo sp.) forced to perform in a boxing show for the entertainment of tourists. Safari World near Bangkok, Thailand


NOW, MORE THAN EVER, IT’S TIME TO RE-EXAMINE OUR RELATIONSHIP WITH ANIMALS. That's the message behind new book ANIMOSITY, the culmination of a decade of photojournalism by award-winning photographer Aaron Gekoski. “I’ve been subjected to scenes that no-one should witness,” says Gekoski. "Animals have always been viewed as commodities to eat, exploit or enjoy. It’s going to take a monumental effort to change perceptions and reverse the statistics. But we cannot continue on the path that we’re on, because sometimes—as we are now witnessing in the face of a global pandemic—the animals bite back.”

Our new photo story showcases some of Gekoski’s most powerful images, and the different facets of human/animal conflict they expose (Please note, the images in this story may be disturbing to some viewers. Viewer discretion is advised). To mark the release of Animosity, we’re giving away a free copy to the first person to correctly answer this question:

When did The Wild Animals in Circuses Act—which bans circus operators from using wild animals in a travelling circus in England—come into effect?

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