Illustration of Dodo (Raphus cucullatus) and Mauritius parrot; woodblock print with later handcolouring from the Penny Magazine (London, June 1, 1833). Print after similar painting by C. Edwards 1750 and particularly the painting by W. Hodges 1773. This is the so-called 'fat' version of dodo which inspired Lewis Caroll's Dodo in 'Alice in Wonderland' (Caroll referred to himself as 'Dodo' as he stammered his real name Dodgson). 'Thinner' version dodos are now more favoured following recent skeletal reconstructions. The dodo Raphus cucullatus was a flightless endemic of Mauritius. Discovered at the end of the 16th century is was extinct by the end of the 17th century. Since that time its name has been synonomous with human caused extinctions.