Illustration of mythical Papio and man-headed beast. Published in Amsterdam in 1673 by Jacob Von Meurs for Arnoldus Montanusa 'De Nieuwe en Onbekende Weereld' after the first book related to America by Ogilby. This is from the German editiontitled 'Die Unbekante Neue welt, oder Beschruebung des Welt-teils Amerika'. The Papio parion 1 seems based on Topsell's Papio, which looked even more like a baboon than this image, but was described as a hyaena (this mistake goes back to Gessner 1551). Neither hyaena or baboon are found in South America. The man-faced Papio 2 may be based on earlier representations of a tethered three toed sloth (a true South American) for similar see Gesner's sloth and Topsell's 'bear-ape arctopithecus'. Few authors or engravers in the 16th-17th century had direct experience with the exotic animals they described. As yet zoology was barely a science.