1731 Physica Sacra (Sacred Physics) by Johann Scheuchzer (1672-1733). Creation of Man from Dust (Homo ex humo) folio copper engraving with later hand colouring drawn by a team of engravers under the direction of Johann Andreas Pfeffel (1674-1748). The goal of Scheuchzer's work was to use the best contemporary science to illuminate the biblical account of human history in a sequence of 745 plates. At the time there was little doubt that science (physica) supported the literal truth of the Biblical chronology of creation and history. The frame includes foetal and neonatal skeletons and dissections in the style of memento mori 'from dust to dust'. The style of the foetus skeletons holding organs and tissues suggests familiarity with the work of Frederik Ruysch's and his macabre allegorical 'tableaux' (or the work of Cornelius Huyberts who drew them).