Portrait of Carl Linnaeus mezzotint engraving by H. Kingsbury with later hand colouring, published by 'Dr. Thornton 1805 from an original in his possesion'. The original was by Martin Hoffman, painted in Hartecamp, Netherlands, 1737. The engraving was issued with Robert Thornton's 'New Illustration of the Sexual System of Carolus von Linnaeus.' London, 1807. The picture shows a young Linnaeus in Uppsala wearing the Lapland dress he proudly brought back from his 1732 Lapland journeys (much of it the gift of his hosts while there). His great works including Systema Naturae are visible behind him. The Lapland trip was in some senses his equivalent of Darwin's Beagle voyage - though short and not unduly demanding by the standards of the day. When this image was painted, 1837, Linnaeus had just produced (Systemae Naturae 1835) the basis of the binomial taxonomical classification still in use today.