Falklands Wolf (Dusicyon australis). 1778 'The Wolf Fox of Faulklands Islands', a copperplate engraving from Commodore Byron's 'An account of a Voyage Round the World'. The Falkland Islands Wolf, Dusicyon Australis, was the only large predator on the islands. It became extinct in 1879 as Darwin predicted because of its tameness and perceived threat to livestock. Byron arrived within a year of its discovery in 1765 and reports here 'the master reported at his return, that four creatures of great fierceness, resembling wolves, ran up to their bellies in the water to attack the people in his boat' and adds that 'When any of these creatures got sight of our people they ran directly at them, no less than five of them were killed this day'. The species was important to Darwin's thinking on evolution and ecology. In 2009 genetic studies indicated this species had a long and unique South American history.