Illustration of the extinct Falkland Island Wolf or Fox (Dusicyon australis). Hand coloured lithograph, Plate IV, The Zoology of the Voyage of H.M.S. Beagle, edited and superintended by Charles Darwin. Part II Mammalia by George Waterhouse (1839). In the text accompanying this image Darwin notes that the population on East and West Falklands appeared to differ - presaging & enforcing the insight into island speciation he had with Galapagos mockingbirds. He was also amazed at its tameness. Ending his section on the species, he wrote the rather melancholy passage to accompany this picture 'it cannot, I think, be doubted, that as these islands are now becoming colonized, before the paper is decayed on which this animal has been figured, it will be ranked amongst those species which have perished from the face of the earth'. It went extinct in 1879. In 2009 genetics elucidated the evolutionary history of this canid.