1834 steel engraving with contemporary hand colouring, the earliest coloured reconstruction of extinct fossil animals. It is from Guerin's Dictionnaire pittoresque Vol 1. plate 24. Numbered it includes 1 the icthyosaur, 2 the plesiosaur, 3 and 4 pterodactyles, 5 the fossil crocodile of Maastrich (now identified as a Mososaur). It comes from Felix Guerin's french 'Illustrated Dictionary of Natural History' and is engraved by Johann Baptist Pfitzer from a drawing by Emile Boblaye. The accompanying text (translated from the French) notes that 'the gigantic reptiles' - 'are joined in the Jurassic and Cretaceous stages by a mass of similarly strange reptiles, drawings of which are based on their skeletons and seem not so much a reality but rather the work of a sick imagination'. The drawing of the mosasaur derives from the megalosaur in British equivalents such as the Penny Magazine.