Illustration of 'The Country of the Iguanodon' by the apocalyptic artist John Martin, commissioned by Gideon Mantell as the frontis for his popular book 'The Wonders of Geology' (1838). Martin was visiting Mantell's Museum and was inspired by Mantells discoveries - particularly by the 'Mantell Piece' a slab of rock from Maidstone containing articulated bones of Iguanodon. This mezzotint (apparently from a painting by Martin presented to Mantell) was one of the first attempts at geological restoration of a pre-historic land environment, and shows an iguanodon being attacked by Megalosaurus. A gigantic crocodile is drawn to the fray, with the whole being watched by a pterodactyl. In the middle distance an Iguanodon and Hylaeosaurus prepare for another confrontation. The vegatation is that discovered by Mantell in the Tilgate forest beds.