The Illustrated London News, December 31st, 1853, page 600. 'The Extinct Animals Model-Room, at the Crystal Palace, Sydenham' by P.H. Delamotte. Benjamin Waterhouse Hawkins made the first full size reconstructions of extinct animals to grace the geological gardens of the Crystal Palace. His work was based primarily on the advice of Professor Richard Owen, and informed by the work of Gideon Mantell, Francis Buckland, Baron Cuvier, Lyell and others. Hawkins worked on the project for three years at an estimated cost of 13,729 (half a million in todays terms). The iguanodon (central facing) still maintains the wrongly ascribed nose horn of Mantell (actually a thumb spike). It was, as Hawkins notes, 'the largest (model) of which there is any record of a casting being made'. The models ushered in the general public's fascination with dinosaurs and survive in Sydenham to the present day.