1854 Iguanodon model by Waterhouse Hawkins. Hawkins attempted to scientifically reconstruct dinosaurs for the Crystal Palace Geological Gardens at Sydenham 1852-1855. He was helped by Richard Owen, the man who named the group. At this time there were few remains, so the endeavor was speculative. This miniature model made by Hawkins for sale in the UK by Tennant (1854) and US by Ward (1866) was one example. Iguanodon was the second dinosaur discovered, described by Mantell in 1825. Owen supposed the giant reptile's appearance was between a crocodile and a pachyderm, though Mantell thought correctly the front limbs might be smaller than the hind limbs. Both got the position of the thumb spike wrong, putting it on the nose. Though innacurate, the reconstruction fired the publics' imagination. It would be only much later that Iguanodon would appear as the bipedal herbivore we know today.