19th century lithograph illustration of a Jurassic landscape including the dinosaurs: Megalosaurus (1), Iguanodon (2 with incorrect nose spike), Hylaeosaurus (3 with incorrect orientation of spines) Laelaps (4 now Dryptosaurus an early North American discovery). Mososaurs and Elasmosaurs in background. Vivid colour lithograph for 'Dr. Schubert's Naturgeschichte - Geologie, Mineralreich, Palaontologie'. Published in Stuttgart by J.F. Shreiber. The palaeontology section by Dr. Friedrich Rolle. German lithographers dominated colour lithography with their high volume productions such as this book for Children. The late Jurassic Solnhofen limestones used to lithograph these German prints sometimes contained finely preserved fossils of the very epoch they illustrated.