Reconstruction of the neanderthal 'Man of Chapelle-Aux Saints' by Mr. Kupka (scientifically advised by Marcellin Boule) for the Illustrated London News (ILN), Feb 27th, 1909. This image stuck with the popular concious untill quite recently. The ILN notes 'Our drawing can fairly claim to be the first that has shown with any scientific certainty prehistoric man in his habits as he lived'. 'It is not the artists intention to depict merely a type of prehistoric man, but the actual man whose skull was found recently in the department of Correze'. 'Mr Kupka has covered the bones with the muscles neccessary to them - and has given the face the expression it must have worn'. See other images in this collection for full ILN text. Recent work on the remains reveal it to be a 60,000 yrs. old classic elderly European Neanderthal with osteoarthritis.