Illustration of male Orangutan (Pongo pygmaeus). 1795 'The Orang Outang, or Wild Man of the Woods' (sic). J. Frid Gmelin and Carl Linnaeus (posthumous). 'A Genuine and Universal System of Natural History comprising the three Kingdoms of Animals, Vegetables and Minerals. Arranged under their respective Classes, Orders, Genera and Species'. Published in London, 1794, 1810. Linnaeus wrote to Gmelin in 1747 'It is not pleasing that I placed humans among the primates, but man knows himself', 'if I called man an ape or vice versa I would bring together all the theologians against me. Perhaps I ought to scientifically'. Images like this, that emphasised the human qualities of apes - or wild men of the woods - were common from the 16th Century up to the early 19th Century.