Illustration of Giant Octopus (Octopus dofleini) attacking a ship, 1815 copperplate engraving from Bertuch's 'Bilderbuch fur kinder' 16 plate 5. with contemporary colour. 'Colosal Polypus' (octopus) attacking a ship. A copy of Pierre de Montfort's engraving in Histoire Naturelle des Mollusques' 1810. The plate was meant to represent a true living animal - all be it rather sensationally. The text to this picture notes 'A ship from St. Malo did but expect the moment of her departure from the coast of Angola where she made her trade, t'is to say her traffic with Negros, ivory and gold dust, when at broad daylight- the wind being still, she was ready to sink in the port. A monstrous polypus rising from the flood, fell upon the ship, and compassing about - with it's arms as long and pliant as horrible - her tacklings, and mast to the very top, would draw her down to the abyss', 'all mariners had much ado to cut off the arms of that dreadful beast'.