Lithograph with contemporary colouring, continental version of the last wallchart produced by Benjamin Waterhouse Hawkins for the Department of Science and Art 1862. It is entitled 'Pachydermata and Carnivora, that lived during the Post-Tertiary Epoch of the Earth's history'. The animals are numbered 1 Mammoth, Elephas primigenius. 2 Hyaena spelea. 3 Hippopotamus major. 4 Ursus speleus. 5 Machairoides latidens. The last on the list is now Machairodus, a sabre tooth cat named by Kaup 1833. The reconstructions are not far from how we imagine these animals today. The mammoth has a larger shoulder and head hump on the basis of cave drawings (Eduoard Lartet 1865), the cave bear is less like a polar bear (the head is larger in relation to the body) the sabretooth a little more lithe. This reconstruction owes much to the cave discoveries of William Buckland.