What to look for in November
22 Aug 2014 12:00 am
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In November the British countryside stands on the cusp between autumn and winter. Glorious golden colours and colourful fungi can still be found in woodlands, but strong winds and storms strip the leaves from the trees and batter coasts, while rising rivers flood watermeadows and wetlands. Grey seals return to their breeding beaches and salmon may be seen leaping waterfalls as they make a final journey to their spawning grounds. Waders, geese and swans arrive in increasing numbers from the Arctic to feed on estuaries and marshes. Hedgerows are still full of berries and migrant thrushes take advantage of this foodstore, while robins can be heard singing their winter song.
What to look for in September
24 Aug 2014 12:00 am
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September is a month of myriad changes in the British countryside. Leaf colours start to take on warm autumnal hews, migrant birds are on the move, and fungi appear in a variety of shapes and colours in woodlands, heaths and meadows.~Butterflies and bees feed on late-flowering plants, while wasps and hornet populations reach their peak and dormice feast on nuts and berries in preparation for their hibernation.
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