Blue Planet

Blue Planet Live is broadcasting this week on BBC. In addition there is a daily Blue Planet UK feature. The key locations for the series are the Bahamas, Heron Island in Australia and Baja California in Mexico.

We have created two galleries of images related to the subjects and locations covered. The Blue Planet 2019 gallery includes sharks, grey whales and green turtles from Bimini, Baja and Heron Island.  In the related Blue Planet UK programmes, the focus is on key sites for marine life around the British coast. Our Blue Planet UK gallery shows our coverage on UK coral reefs, plus a spotlight on sharks, and seabirds in Yorkshire. There is also material on the return of lobsters and herring, sustainable fisheries and sea eagles on Mull. Blue Planet Live also features the endangered Mediterranean monk seal. You’ll find some great images of this species in our gallery too!

As in the previous Blue Planet series, the emphasis is very much on the current state of the marine environment. It is so important to focus not only on the threats it faces, but also on the importance of research and conservation measures to protect it. To find out more, take a look at the BBC’s Blue Planet Live page.

If you are a fan of Blue Planet, you might also like to view our blog post on Manatee Awareness Day and check out our rare images of the Vaquita, the planet’s smallest and most endangered cetacean.