The Secrets of the Giants by Bruno D’Amicis

Discover the secrets that have been hidden among the ancient beech trees for centuries…

The beech woods of the Abruzzo, Lazio & Molise National Park, Italy contain some of the most ancient beech forests in Europe. They are part of the UNESCO World Natural Heritage Site Ancient and Primeval Beech Forests


In the past, the park’s remote location and difficult terrain made it challenging for people to penetrate its forests. Few roads and sparsely-populated surrounding villages meant there was no great need to clear the forests for wood or expansion. The forest was left undisturbed for centuries, allowing nature to thrive in secret. These old-growth forests are left to do things nature’s way, resulting in a rich and varied ecosystem.

Il Segreto dei Giganti 

Bruno D’Amicis‘s new book Il Segreto dei Giganti or The Secrets of the Giants shows us the spectacular landscapes and amazing biodiversity of these 600-year-old forests through the seasons. He and Umberto Esposito explored the ancient forest over 5 years. They discovered a world rich in wildlife, where nature had been left alone to flourish.

The book contains 130 compelling and previously unpublished pictures which follow the centuries-old beech trees and their inhabitants throughout the year.

Order your copy and discover the secrets of one of Europe’s oldest forests.