Klein & Hubert

Klein & Hubert animal photography

Marie-Luce Hubert and Jean-Louis Klein have been working together professionally for 30 years. Yet they still have the same passion for photographing both wild and domestic animals.  They have travelled widely in Europe and around the world, building up an amazing collection of nature and wildlife images. They are also renowned for their coverage on European farm animals, having photographed many different breeds of cattle, pigs, sheep and goats.

Their enthusiasm is as great when working on their own farm or in a far corner of Mongolia. For them, it is just a question of staying curious and willing to learn. Wild and domestic animals are not contradictory but complementary subjects and both inspire their « joie de vivre ». Respect for animals and nature and their well-being is their greatest concern. Indeed, it is always evident in their photography.

In the words of Marie-Luce: ” Our planet is not doing well, but if we can help create a small sanctuary, convince a neighbour to give up pesticides in his garden or a farmer to keep the horns on his cows, then we feel not too useless…”

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