Celebrating Britain’s Wild Seas with Alex Mustard

With a professional career spanning 17 years, award-winning underwater photographer (and marine biologist) Alex Mustard’s pictures have graced the covers of numerous magazines, books, been displayed at exhibitions and used in conservation campaigns. His images are not only beautiful, but they also have fascinating stories to tell, often revealing some very surprising behaviour. 

An Opportunity to Work with Us

Alex’s knowledge of the UK’s coastal waters has inspired his latest book idea WILD British Seas. Together, we developed the concept using Alex’s words and images, combined with those of other photographers, to celebrate and reveal the beauty of Britain’s waters, both above and below the surface – click here to see it.

*We are currently seeking a publisher and/or sponsorship partners to bring this amazing concept to a publicationContact us for more information.*

To showcase the project, Alex took over Naturepl’s social media channels from the 15th to 21st February. If you missed it on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, don’t worry – you’ll find all of Alex’s picture choices and posts in the gallery at the end of this page.

WILD British Seas: What Makes Our Seas So Special?

Despite being a relatively small island, Britain’s jagged coastline is extensive, stretching almost 20,000 miles from the Scilly Isles to Shetland. And it is anything but uniform: cliffs, fjords, estuaries, rias, lagoons, sounds, bays, salt marshes, and sand and pebble beaches combine to create a hotchpotch of habitats. With 8,365 species (and counting), including Britain’s largest mammals, the world’s second largest fish, 50% of the world’s grey seals, 80% of the world’s northern gannets, internationally important overwintering populations of 15 species of wading birds and so much more, the sea is home to Britain’s most spectacular wild wonders.

In England alone, we make 271 million recreational visits to the coast EACH YEAR. WILD British Seas aims to not only serve as a beautiful reminder of those breath-taking coasts and seascapes, but also to shed light on the creatures that inhabit them, whether permanently or as seasonal guests.

I love British Seas,” says Alex. “This book shares my passion, experience and knowledge. Most books on the nature of our seas are written for specialists like me, primarily to help me identify what I see. With Wild British Seas I wanted to produce a book for everyone, current and future ocean lovers! The book is an introduction and celebration of our seas. The star attraction is stunning photography from the very best photographers capturing the nature around our coasts – including landscapes, seascapes, great flocks of birds, marine mammals and underwater life, backed up with informative, easy-reading chapters and extended captions. It is a book to enhance any visit to see, or an chance to relive those days away from the comfort of home.

Our well-developed concept will give you an idea of how we see the book being structured and a taste of the incredible photography that it will offer its readers. Alex regularly writes articles for specialist magazines, but he is keen to share his knowledge and passion with a much wider audience.

We would love to find a publisher who can bring this book to the British public. Contact us if that’s something you would be interested in doing.

You can see more images here.


About Alex Mustard: Scientist, Photographer and MBE


Alex Mustard’s passion for underwater photography started at the age of 9. He earned both his undergraduate degree and doctorate in Marine Biology, and worked for four years as a post-doc researcher before making underwater photography his career.

His passion for educating and enlightening the public about the marine world is apparent in his photography and writing. He frames his subjects in interesting ways, inviting people to look more closely to discover something about often overlooked species.

It is this combination of his artistic eye, his scientific background and his innovative techniques that have caught the attention of many judges of some of the world’s most prestigious photography competitions. He is the only underwater winner of the European Wildlife Photographer of the Year (2013) and has a long track record in the Wildlife Photographer of the Year, his winning pictures featuring in 14 different collection books. He has won the Coast and Marine Category of the British Wildlife Photography Awards 4 times. In 2018, Alex received an MBE in the Queen’s birthday honours for his photography.

He has produced many books including The Art of Diving (2006), Reef Revealed (2007) winner of the World Grand Prize for best book of underwater photographs, Secrets of the Seas (2016) and Diving The Thistlegorm (2020). His book Underwater Photography Masterclass remains the most recommended and the world’s most popular instructional book on the genre.

See more of our favourite images by Alex in our gallery.

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