Our Top 10 Tips for Finding Love

We hope our Valentine’s Day tips are helpful! Or at least make you laugh…

2020 was, for most of us, one of the most difficult and tense years on record. To counter the negativity, we wanted to share a Valentine’s Day showreel that shows the light-hearted and, at times, comical side of our library that our customers might not have seen before.

Our video editor commented:

“Producing this showreel was truly a treat. Working from home, I laughed out loud with my housemates as we watched a cormorant slide over a weir and a cuckoo realising it had been caught falling for a decoy. In comparison to our more serious showreels, this one gave me the chance to focus less on the big epic shots that we usually promote, and more on the magical little moments that our amazing contributors have captured.

We hope that it brought a little bit of joy and maybe even a laugh into your day, while serving as a little reminder that Nature Picture Library’s video archive has a range of natural history footage that can bring any project to life. On Valentine’s Day or any other day.”

Avoid fake individuals

Put thought into your gifts

Style it out