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Books are a wonderful medium to share the wonders of the world with children. Beautiful nature imagery is good for the soul. Often, there are many fascinating stories to tell about them too: the weird, the wild and the wonderful. At Naturepl, we always try to come up with new ways to tell these stories using our knowledge and passion for images and nature. Over the years, we’ve worked with publishers to develop and publish them:


We have more available concepts and ideas using our incredible content – have a look at our more recent ones:


Queens of the Animal Kingdom

View the full pdf: Queens of the Animal Kingdom

Following in the footsteps of Fearless Females, Queens of the Animal Kingdom introduces kids to the strong females in nature. The lion might be king of the jungle, but it’s the lioness who does the lion’s share of work for the pride. There are many stories which feature the outdated idea that the males run the show – C. S. Lewis had Aslan’s court comprise of only male animals, when in reality, it’s the wisdom, knowledge and experience of the females which often determines the survival of the group.

It’s high time that the girls get the recognition that they deserve.

Discover: Emperor Penguins & Flamingos

View the full pdf: Emperor Penguins & Flamingo

Award-winning photographers Stefan Christmann and Claudio Contreras Koob‘s unique portfolios about these iconic birds are unparalleled, with intimate images of young chicks with their parents as they grow, learn and ultimately reach adulthood.

Discover the power of community as shown by the emperor penguins and why colour is so important for the Caribbean flamingos.


Climate Change Casualties: Disappearing Worlds

View the full pdf: Climate Change Casualties

Climate change – it’s a term that we hear about daily now, but it can be a difficult concept to grasp or even explain to the children who will be affected by it the most. This series of books looks at the habitats and animals that are affected by it, and how connected they are to each other and to human activity. What causes climate change, and how can we make a difference before it’s too late?



Young, Feisty & Fierce

View the full pdf: Young, Feisty & Fierce

Many animals are born more or less helpless: blind, weak, small and most need their parents’ protection until they are bigger. There are some animals, however, that aren’t as helpless as they seem. Some animals have special features which help them to defend themselves against a would-be predator, while some are capable of more sinister things from the moment they are born.


View the full pdf: Imposters

Many animals use mimicry to avoid being eaten by tricking other animals with their disguises. Plants and fungi use it to attract pollinators or seed and spore dispersers. Some even extend their mimicry to smell like another animal, or rotting flesh! Take a closer look – things are not always what they seem…


Alien Earth

View the full pdf: Alien Earth

Planet Earth is unique among the other planets. It can support an estimated 8.7 million different species. It is a world of extremes: dark, light, cold, hot, wet, dry, shaping the land and the life that lives in them.

Take a look at some of the world’s most unusual places and creatures – the Earth is full of things that seem out of this world!



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