We’ll be at the London Book Fair 2019

It’s not long now until The London Book Fair and we’re getting excited! The fair is a great place for us to catch up with our clients, find out what the publishing trends are, meet new people and see new books. It’s a busy event, jam-packed with talks and sessions, and if you have a number of meetings lined up, you can certainly clock up your fitbit steps.

The book fair is also a place to run your ideas past the industry experts and show them what you have to offer. Over the past few years, we’ve put together book and story ideas and concepts featuring our fantastic pictures. Seeing the new material that comes into the library and being in contact with our photographers gives us a unique opportunity to hear stories and put pictures together to tell them. There’s a lot of preparation involved, but we get to use our creative flair and zoology knowledge. We also have to come up with concepts that haven’t been done before. Still, it’s paid off – a number of our book ideas have been made into books.

Curious? Here’s a sneak preview of what we’ll be showing our clients at the fair this year:

If you’d like to see more and meet up, email us to arrange an appointment. We’ll be there on Tuesday 12th March from 9am until 6pm. We hope to see you then!