Best of June 2019

June 2019 Latest Highlights

Over the last month we have added some amazing images to our site. Firstly, we now have a unique collection of Emperor penguin coverage from new contributor Stefan Christmann. This includes winter colony shots and a range of fascinating behaviour. Stefan has captured some evocative Antarctic scenics. He also has behind the scenes shots from the BBC’s Dynasties series. Not to mention coverage on the Neumayer Research Station.

Browse our June 2019 highlights gallery and take a look at intriguing additions including intimate hedgehog lifecycle photos from Klein & Hubert. In addition, there are new examples of Anup Shah’s remote camera work from the Masai Mara. He has photographed vervet monkeys, elephants and a number of other species in new and revealing ways. These images give the impression that you are living amongst the animals themselves.

We also have lots of fresh material from two fascinating projects – Wild Wonders of China and SCOTLAND: The Big Picture. The Chinese material features rare coverage of  Pere David’s deer in the wild. The Scottish coverage includes some spectacular seabird colonies and gorgeous landscapes.

Some other subjects of note are the Cuban bee hummingbird (the world’s smallest bird); a snow leopard with her cubs climbing an Indian canyon wall; nesting Ural owls from Estonia; and finally, Jurgen Freund’s coverage on research into the impact of climate change on tropical rainforests in Australia.