Forests in Our World – How the Climate Affects Woodlands

Our Need for Forests

Today, forests are in the forefront of people’s minds; they provide so much for our world: a valuable source of lumber, food and medicine, a habitat and carbon store, a place to unwind and reconnect with nature. Forests help shape the climate, but they are also affected by it and they are changing. Now, more urgently than ever, we need to understand, appreciate and conserve the world’s forests in order to reduce climate change.

Forests in Our World (published by teNeues, Fall/Winter 2019) addresses those concerns and more. Written by biologist, science journalist and photographer Gunther Willinger and beautifully illustrated throughout with 121 of our pictures, it explores the five forest types found around the world (boreal, temperate, Mediterranean sclerophyll, tropical dry and tropical rainforests). It looks at their individual characteristics, the animals, their special features and their conservation status. It looks at how our forests have changed; not only how humans have changed them, but how they are responding to our changing climate.


Have a look at some of the highlights below (you can see all the images in our gallery).

Some of the pictures are available for prints and gifts.

Forests in Our World is available now.