Strange Sea Creatures by Erich Hoyt

Larval Wonderpus octopus, Philippines.
Larval Wonderpus octopus (Wunderpus photogenicus) drifting in the open ocean at night off Anilao, Philippines. (Book excerpt)

Available from October 26, 2020, conservationist, scientist and award-winning author Erich Hoyt‘s new book Strange Sea Creatures (Firefly Books, Ltd.) gives us a glimpse of some of the many weird and wonderful animals from the marine world.

Featuring deep sea images by David Shale and Solvin Zankl and unusual creatures from Doug Perrine, Shane Gross and Doc White among others, there is plenty for those seeking out the otherworldly.


The book organizes the creatures into three parts based on where they live in the ocean. Each part has representatives from the various marine animal classes (e.g., fish, crustaceans, jellyfish and siphonophores, squids, tunicates and other invertebrates). Here’s a sneak peek:

Take a look at some of our favourite animals featured in the book – do you know what they are?

Strange Sea Creatures is available to order in the US and in the UK.


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