Clip of the Week – green woodpecker feeding young

Clip of the Week – male green woodpecker feeding young at nest

This week’s clip shows a male green woodpecker feeding young at his nest hole, and trying (unsuccessfully) to tempt the nestling into its first flight. It was filmed inĀ Bedfordshire, UK, in June.

The green woodpecker is one of three types of woodpecker in the UK, the other two being the great and lesser spotted woodpeckers. The green woodpecker is the largest of the three. Green woodpeckers pair up in March, but can be alone for most of the rest of the year. They are largely solitary creatures, and it is the duty of both sexes to incubate the eggs. You can see more images and clips of UK green woodpeckers here.

Dave Bevan commented…

“We watched and filmed this nest over several weeks from a hide as the parents incubated the eggs and fed the youngsters. On this particular day the youngsters were expected to fledge and we decided to go for a different view point. The camera was strapped to the tree below the nest and operated remotely from the hide about 20 metres away. In this clip the male feeds the nestling (one had already fledged), and tries unsuccessfully to tempt it out of the hole with food. When another attempt fails too, the male gives up and flies off.”